Easter Party.

We’re off up to Wales tomorrow morning, to visit family and join in with my cousin’s birthday celebrations. This means we’re away on Easter Sunday and Nancy was a little concerned that the Easter Bunny wouldn’t know our temporary address, she’s even written to him, explaining the situation! I’ve reasured her that that’s one clever bunny and not to worry (I’ve been well informed that he’s been to Lidl and stocked up) …but I decided to throw the girls a little Easter Party before we go, just because I could. I know all children are big fans of Birthdays, Christmas and any other celebration excuse, but Nancy takes that obsession to the next level!

I had a lot of help with making things look special from the beautiful party specialists MeriMeri. I’ve had a love affair with this wonderfully whimsical brand for years, having children has only fuelled that love.

When I received these goodies in the post I actually let out a bit of a squeal and did a little dance, how utterly divine are these Easter bits and bobs?!

I’ve also used several pieces from the Sainsburys Helsinki home range, I think the colours and patterns all compliment each other beautifully. Seriously Spring-like and happy.

No party is complete without a cake as the centre piece, so I used my trusty Lemon Drizzle recipe and adapted it, adding Raspberry Jam this time.

I had some help from Eula, though I think she ate more jam and cream than she put onto the cake!

I’ve much improved when it comes to cake making, having children and at least 2 birthdays a year that demand the necessity of decorated cakes, I’ve had no choice but to refine my skills. But I have rules. I don’t do shaped cakes, royal icing and only take requests if they are vague and open to interpretation. My style of cake is more of a traditional recipe with fancy things stuck on it, these objects usually make it appear as though I have a far greater cake decoration skill than I actually do, which is fine by me!

How cute are these cake toppers? I especially love the 3D paper honeycomb flowers, they are perfection.

Token savoury food, served in a Sainsburys Helsinki dish.

Nancy and Eula couldn’t believe it when they saw the kitchen after school, they were expecting it to be just another mundane post school afternoon.

Ok, so I went a little overboard on the sugar, I got carried away with things that looked pretty, though it you look closely there are some token sandwiches and veggies, including cucumber water in this beautiful carafe, from the Sainsburys Helsinki range. Nancy and Eula really like it and it’s great squash alternative. The cute little egg cups and chopping board are from the same Sainsburys collection.

I’m a little bit in love with these felt bunny headbands, I may steal one of the girl’s for myself! They’re so well made, I think they’ll remain firm favourites for quite some time. Eula’s worn hers to Preschool today. She wasn’t keen on having her photo taken yesterday though, preferring to try and get as much cake and chocolate in her mouth before Mummy came to her senses and insisted on some vegetables! Nancy on the other hand, was in full pose mode as per usual ♡

There’s lots of leftover cake, which is great as it can be shared with my family who we are going to be staying with. I’ve tucked it safely away in a Sainsburys Helsinki cake tin, to avoid damage whilst travelling, but to also avoid me ‘neatening’ the edges, a bad habit of mine that leads to things being eaten in their entirety!

Flowers and storage jar turned vase, Sainsburys

I’m excited to be going away for a few days, the four of us haven’t all left Cornwall together for quite some time. But I also have that sense of overwhelm, when you know you’re not going to be in your own home for a while, with all your familiar things and ways of doing things. It’s going to be lovely to have a family catch up though.

What are your Easter plans?

MeriMeri Easter range
Sainsburys Home, Helsinki range


A big thank you to MeriMeri for the beautiful party gifts.

And also my thanks to Sainsburys, from whom I received a voucher to shop their new homewares range.

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  1. This is the cutest Easter tea party I’ve ever seen! The bunny ears and flowers headband 😍 ADORABLE!

  2. Beautiful

    1. Thanks Charley ♡♡

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