Botelet Breakfast Club (and unofficial Appreciation Society).

Yesterday morning Nancy and myself started the new week in just about the best way possible, the way all weeks should start…

Botelet Breakfast Club.

Take two of my favourite Bs, Breakfast and Botelet, combine them with sunshine and good company and that’s a pretty special Monday morning.

A once weekly pop-up breakfast cafe… take your place at the farmhouse table beside the crackling log fire…

Image credit – Richard Tamblyn

I think breakfast is a massively overlooked meal, one that as a parent can be very rushed, rather stressful and definitely not special. But when you have the time to slow down and appreciate things more, it really puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Botelet’s whole breakfast ethos is centred around the communal table. Friends, family and strangers sharing an experience together, enjoying fresh, beautiful, thoughtfully prepared homemade food and discovering that we all have something in common.

So often we sit down in a cafe and, despite being surrounded by people, we have an invisible wall around us. Beyond a polite, quick acknowledgment of those sitting closest we somehow feel we are not supposed to be a part of their experience and they are not included in our own. Botelet’s Breakfast Club throws these divisions straight out the wonderful Sash windows, everyone is there to enjoy themselves, to chat and share something.

Image credit – Richard Tamblyn

Nancy was thrilled to be visiting Botelet again, I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s a pretty special place to us for lots of reasons. It’s owned by my family, my Great Uncle and Aunt live there, along with my cousins, Richard and Julie. With them is also Richard’s wife, Tia and their three children and they all work very hard to make this such a magical place for people to come and stay, and now come to visit and eat.

My wonderful Granny Eula, my youngest’s namesake, (Eula is also Nancy’s middle name) was born at Botelet, as was her brother David and their Father Cyrus. Botelet is recorded in the Doomsday Book.

And it’s where I had my wedding reception!

Uncle David, Aunty Barbara and my cousin Julie.

But I’m getting carried away, back to the grub!

Choose from a selection of breakfast bowls, homemade Muesli, Granola, the most amazing Cinnamon, Cardamom and Turmeric Overnight Oats. Fresh fruit, yoghurt, fresh coffee, tea and juices…

Image credit – Richard Tamblyn

I opted for the homemade Granola, with oven toasted oats, cashew nuts, walnuts, yoghurt, fruit and much more. Nancy had yoghurt and Maple Syrup.

I lived a good percentage of my childhood, up to the age of 11, in the countryside and never knew Primroses were edible. I will now be topping absolutely every meal with them and Nancy’s already eyeing up the clumps that have newly flowered in our garden, licking her lips!

Next up, Botelet Free Range eggs, on the most delicious Sourdough bread. Nancy and I tucked in enthusiastically, whilst chatting to our breakfast companions. I turned up expecting a table full of strangers and before I know it I realise I have some kind of connection to almost every person there. Opposite me was a lady I used to serve regularly when I worked in the Deli in Lostwithiel, next to me a lady my Mum went to Primary School with, her daughter was also there, who it turned out follows my blog (Hello Holly, if you’re reading this!) Opposite her the mum of one of my friend’s at Primary School. Such a small world.

All the while the children, Nancy and two others, are happily eating, then returning to sit by the fire and do some colouring in, back up for a quick nibble or slurp then back to the important business of what colour a Tractor should be. Such a relaxed and welcoming feel for all ages, no pressure.

After everyone had left Nancy and I lingered a while, not quite ready to leave our Botelet breakfast bubble. Homemade Blackcurrant Jam, the label written by Richard and Tia’s eldest, who’s the same age as Nancy. A large smothering of butter and handmade sourdough, food heaven.

Part of Botelet’s beauty is the understated charm. The older Farmhouse is now rented as a holiday cottage, the main house was built in 1884 and it’s where my Great Aunt and Uncle live, in one side, Richard, Tia and the children the other. Julie lives in a cottage down the road, all of them passionate about this special place and it’s evident in every detail. Old and new blended seamlessly, vintage agricultural bits and bobs reused as quirky lamps and interesting features. An outside toilet and shower which play music when you enter. These are the things that create such an immersive experience, everything you touch has a story.

Nancy was keen to have an explore, so when Tia told her about some orphaned lambs she was up and out in a second.

If I gave you a thousand guesses you would never be able to tell me what these three little beauties are called. There’s Butterfly Flower, Katy May (who’s a boy) and Magazine Racing Car. Truly unique names I think you’ll agree, chosen by Nancy’s cousins, Cyra, Nell and Otto ♡

Exeter Shed, in the background here, is where we had the sit down meal at our wedding. We decorated it ourselves, I made over 200 metres of bunting and we draped the walls with white weed suppressing membrane!

I’m aware this is a very photo heavy blog post, but I’m completely unapologetic about this fact, I edited, but with this much beauty I wanted to share in real detail with you.

This beautiful Yurt can be booked for some serious glamping.

They have the Sourdough delivered fresh daily and it’s left in the phonebox at 3am!
Image credit – Richard Tamblyn

Unfortunately, due to it’s popularity, I only got to taste a little teaser of the Overnight Oats, but Tia has very kindly shared the recipe, so that I could in turn share with you. Trust me, it’s absolutely wonderful.

Overnight Oats Recipe

* 2 cups oats
* 2 tbsp chia seeds
* 1 tbsp flaxseed
* 1 tsp ground tumeric
* 1/4 tsp cinnamon
* 1/4 tsp ground ginger
* 1/4 tsp ground cardamom
* dash freshly ground black pepper
* 500ml milk – either cows milk or a nut or coconut milk
* 2 tbsp maple syrup
* 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
Mix & leave over night – voila! Enjoy x

Thank you so much to Julie, Tia and Richard for such a wonderful morning and I urge anyone who can to book in for your own experience of Botelet’s Breakfast Club. I will be returning very soon I’m sure.

Image credit – Richard Tamblyn

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