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Last week I wrote about the little break Stu and I had in Bristol and at the Westbrook Court B&B in Hereford…a much needed, child free few days to invest some time in us, to relax and recuperate.

During our travels I got to visit some absolutely wonderful independent shops and cafes, some of which I already followed on Instagram, but had never managed to visit, others that were recommeded by my lovely readers, all of which were seriously inspiring.

As ever, I took a fair few photos, so I wanted to share them with you. Yes, geographically to many this may seem a little irrelevant, but perhaps you’ll be planning a trip yourself one day and find yourself passing by…and don’t forgot the magic of the internet, really there’s no excuse not to give these fab small businesses your support!


Mon Pote177 North St, BS3 1JQ

Our ethos

Mon Pote is a lifestyle store, with a focus on inspiring interiors and gifts for grown ups and kids which will enrich your life!

A total treat for the eyes, I could have spent so much longer in here admiring the beautiful homewares, unfortunately I was limited on time. I will definitely be returning when I next stay with my brother. I also wanted to visit Albatross Cafe, which is just down the street, but unfortunately it was totally full up that day – testament to it’s great reputation no doubt.

Albatross Cafe, photographed and featured here in 91 Magazine (if you haven’t bought this mag before, you must. It’s utterly beautiful).

This pink pom pom cushion came home with me ♡

Fox + Feather (Stîl Homeware)43 Gloucester Road BS7 8AD

Fox + Feather isn’t far from my brother’s flat, I’ve been once before and it’s now firmly on my things to do list when ever I find myself Bristol way… a brilliant mixture of well chosen clothing to suit all shapes and sizes and incorporating Stîl Homewares, the two perfectly complementing each other.

It was a toss up between this House of Rym Harbour Arbour pink cup and the Fir Fir Fir (see below)…I’m totally in love with House of Rym’s patterns and colours. The Fir tree mug won in the end though ♡



Days Household Goods9 Castle Street, Hay-on-Wye

There’s something really wholesome about Days Household Goods, I’m not the only one who gets excited about displays of lovely, wooden household equipment, right?!

The Old Electric Shop – 10 Broad Street
Hay on Wye, HR3 5DB

There’s so much to say about this place, but mostly I’m just going to let the photos speak for themselves. I spent a joyful 3 and a bit hours hanging out here on a wet and grey day, reading 91 Magazine cover to cover, sipping a hot Mocha from a handmade mug, browsing the endless array of treasures, spread throughout the many rooms…

I’m completely in love with these Field & Found aprons, firmly on my want list, the waxy, hard wearing finish would be perfect for flitting between cooking and pottering in the garden.

We decided to stay put for lunch and then perhaps some cake a little later too!

I can honestly say it was utter heaven and just what I needed.

This book cover just says “Pick me! Pick me! doesn’t it. Imagine that just sat on your coffee table at home ♡

Several gorgeous bees wax candles may have been purchased!


Baileys Home Store whitecross farm, bridstow, ross-on-wye, herefordshire, HR9 6JU

I’d heard a lot of good things about Baileys, it was top of the recommendations list, I obviously had to make a bit of a detour to experience this mythical store for myself…

Now, Baileys are usually pretty strict on taking photographs within the store, but I was very kindly given special permission. And thank goodness they did, as it would have killed me if I couldn’t share this utterly wondrous place with you…


These shelves are just perfection…
Beautiful chairs here, there and everywhere..

Upstairs felt like a location house, I’m completely in love with the rustic barns, within which the shop sprawls out, seemingly never ending…

The whole store smells like pure heaven, it’s hands down the best smelling shop I’ve ever been in! It’s mostly down to these massive and wonderful, handmade bars of soap, availbale in so many delicious variations.

A few pennies were spent, it had to be done and it was a wonderful way to end our time away. Even Stu got lost in admiration here and he doesn’t really get the shop love!

So phew, I’ve got it all down here and I hope you’ve enjoyed this little virtual of some really fantastic independent stores, I certainly intend to revisit them all again in the, I hope, not so distant future.

Which looks like it would be your favourite? I’m not sure I could say!


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