Leisurely lunching and all things nice.

Increasingly I am realising how much healthier my relationship with my husband is when we get out of the house, explore a little and talk about things aside from the kids and how they’re driving us crazy or what’s on the diy to-do list. Stu can’t sit idle for long, if we’re at home he drinks a cup of tea whilst walking around fixing something, or doing the washing. Me on the other hand, I’m a big fan of sitting! I guess we’re either a great balance or a terrible pairing!

It’s easy to fall into mundane routines, it can feel like that’s all life is at times, get up, heard the wild animals through the day, forever picking up, feeding them, entertaining. Sleep, wake up and do it all over again. Somewhere in the middle of this I’m supposed to be working too.

So when the opportunity arises to get out and do something different for the day, just the two of us, well that’s the making of a highlight of the week.

Last Thursday, both girls packed off to school, we set out to the North Coast. It was a beautifully sunny day and quickly we fell into that magical holiday feeling you get when exploring Cornwall. It won’t matter how long I live here, my love affair with this county will only get stronger with time.

First stop was the brand spanking new Mint House Shop, Perranporth. Caroline and Louise, the powerful pair behind the successful Cornwall based interior design business, Mint House Interiors, had invited me along to take a look around and to have a good old chin wag. Stu, not particularly (ok, not at all) interested in shops, interiors or chin wags, sat sun worshipping in the car, reading his Norwegian Wood Chopping book (I need him to hurry up as I want to read it next!), sipping a coffee Lou took him – now that’s service!

I actually spent a *little* too long chatting and browsing with the Mint House ladies, I’ve known Caroline in an Instagram capacity for some time now, but it was so lovely to meet in real life. The shop is absolutely wonderful, set just a little way out of Perranporth, so it’s really worth a visit, add in a walk on the beach and it’s basically a perfect day out.

This beauty of a lamp came home with me ♡♡
Watergate Bay

Next it was onwards to our lunch destination, The Park, Mawgan Porth, who had very kindly invited us to take a look at their newly refurbished restaurant, to indulge in some food and enjoy the facilities.

Lunch was absolutely divine, honestly the best meal we’ve had in a really long time and in a really lovely setting too. Obviously sunshine streaming in makes everything even better, oh and delicious New Zealand Sauv Blanc too – delicious. I had visited The Park the year before, for a swim with our little people and lunch too, it was really enjoyable and child friendly then (you can read about it here), but even more improved now. A lovely, light and open space and some seriously fabulous chairs – I do love a good chair!

Stu took advantage of the beautiful pool and sauna, whilst I had a wander outside, enjoying the sunshine and photo opportunities. I’m a little obsessed with the amazing fences,which are all around the park, made by their staff using a byproduct from a local Saw Mill. The texture and subtle varying tones are just perfection, I would love to recreate something similar on the side of our garden which is still waiting for a bit of a face lift.

Naturally pudding was involved, in the form of a heavenly cheesecakey concoction, then sadly it was time to return to reality with a big bump – the school run.

I really enjoyed this little day of escape, more time for Stu and I to reconnect, we’ve been so much happier since our trip to Wales last month and it’s good to dip back into that feeling of indulgence and appreciation for each other’s company.

Mawgan Porth beach

A few days ago I bought us a proper AirBeam Awning for our van and I am so excited to get back to exploring, showing our girls our favorite places, near and far ♡


A big thank you to The Park for inviting us to come and visit, our experience was in exchange for sharing some photos on my social media, this blog is because we had such a great time I wanted to share in more detail with you. All opinions are my own, as ever I am always honest with you.

Also thank you to the Mint House Interiors gals for having me along and for my beautiful lamp. I’ll be back soon and please, everyone who can, go pay them a visit, you won’t be disappointed ♡

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  1. Ella says:

    These both look lovely places to visit! Actually this post just reminded me you had done a round up of Cornwall recommendations I just reread. We’ve booked a Cornwall break for Autumn as we fancied not travelling too far this year for hols. Eden and Heligan both on the agenda! Will report back how the Scillonian goes with two kids. Hopefully better than last time! x

    1. Thank you Ella, have a wonderful trip ♡

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