Tipping the balance.

Being self employed is a funny one, in theory it sounds great doesn’t it, the freedom to define your own working terms, be your own boss, flexible working hours, you choose where, who, why. Following your own creativity, fitting around the daily flow of family life, just perfect. For me it has happened by accident, or perhaps that’s not giving myself enough credit? What I mean is, if you’d asked me, 4 years ago, what I’d be doing today, this absolutely wouldn’t have even entered my mind.

My garden is my favourite me time at the moment…

But the reality is also that I haven’t had a full day off in over a month, longer than that if I really think about it and I definitely don’t get paid according to the hours I put in, if only! Now, let me state right now, this is not a self pity post, woe is me and all that, for the majority if the time I love what I do, I feel lucky and fortunate. But also, being self employed (as with any form of employment/ unemployment) means you can end up feeling over stretched and undervalued.

Stock hunting for my Instagram Shop…

There are many days where I think what I do is just great, or it may be more accurate to say throughout the course of a day there are many times when I am happy, but then there are other times where it all just exhausts me. Yesterday afternoon I got back from Bristol, today I’m feeling completely shattered. I was sat here thinking why can’t I get it together? There’s so much to do (plus it’s half term) you’ve just had 3 nights away, child free, you’ve got no good reason to feel this way. Then I decided that was a bit harsh, I made myself a cup of tea and took a look at the last 4 days. I’ve worked it out that, aside from when I was asleep, there were only a handful of sporadic moments where I was truly not working, planning, plotting, replying to people/ emails or everything else I seem to do. Photos can tell a thousand lies, my Bristol snaps only really tell half the story.

Cocktails…with a side of workshop planning and answering emails.

My current fave house front in Montpelier. I change my mind every time I visit!

Again, please don’t think I’m moaning, I’m not as such, I just think it’s important that we talk about these things. We live in a modern world, where you can now forge your own path and create your own job description (though I’m still not totally sure how to describe what I do when someone asks me!) but what this also means is it can be hard to define barriers, boundaries and blurred working hours bleed out into every moment of every day.

HERE Bristol
Brunch….with a side of more planning. I know, it could be worse!

Really this is a big pat on the back for anyone out there working their arse off, no matter what they do – all those creatives who never clock off, never switch off, never stop dreaming up bigger and better ways to express themselves and share with others.

Cafe Kino, Stokes Croft. My new fave ♡

It’s also a big thank you to everyone who encourages these people to follow their heart, to those who take the time to comment on a photo, those who email to say how much they relate to something they just read and how it has helped them to view things in another light, to be happier.

The Florist, Park Street. Meeting an Insta chum in real life, for the first time. She was lush ♡
In The Bowl Ramen Joint, where I left my phone as my brain has been so scrambled. I also lost my bank card earlier in the day!
I had to borrow Bethie’s phone to take a snap of the sky from Cargo. A really beautiful, super tree pollen filled evening!

For me, these are the interactions that keep me going, when the social media grind can feel a bit crushing, a bit too much to keep juggling, hearing a real world appreciation for what you do, it can be a much needed boost.

I’m aware that I haven’t been creating very much lovely, exciting, interiors based content for the blog recently, the truth is, I have so many plates spinning right now, I’m having to pick and choose what can be put on the back burner for a little while. This blog is very import to me, but at the moment I’m concentrating on growing my job description, planning my Instagram Creative Lunches and trying, unsuccessfully, to free up some time for getting projects finished in the house. I am desperate to share more about our living room makeover, but those important finishing touches aren’t happening just now.

IKEA mission for various members of the family and friends. Absolutely love this wood partition wall.
Further visual inspiration fuel for my bedroom wall plans. Must. Not. Start. A. NEW. PROJECT.
Super cool Lion, whilst I sweated my ass off in a super hot cafe, trying to complete some writing.

I loved my time away, but equally it feels like I just took all my spinning plates to a new location. Very soon I would really like to find a way to switch off for a few days, somehow.

How do you work the balance and keep yourself motivated and sane? I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend x

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  1. Katy says:

    Where are those amazing prints from? (picture underneath the books)
    I’ve never been to Bristol. It’s looks amazing. Thanks for the post I topic I well relate too!

    1. They’re from HERE Bristol, it’s a fab little shop. Thank you ♡♡

  2. Balancing for me feels like an act I can’t do! I try to “give-and-take” more and be forgiving when I feel like I have failed!

    1. Yep, it’s definitely best to let the fails go by and not feel too bad about them!

      1. It’s a healthy habit for sure!

  3. Lisa Poulsen says:

    Love this blog post and the spinning plate expression – I completely relate. Too many plates and my productivity becomes consumed by procrastination 🙈 Bristol looks lush!

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks so much, it seems to have struck a chord with quite a few. It’s all a blessing and a curse in one, isn’t it!

  4. Hello! I live in Bristol and Lucas Antics is my favourite local artist. I’m loving seeing her art pop up on your blog just as it does as I go about the city (and my house…)! Your followers might want to check out her website. (I’m not on commission – promise!)

    1. Hello, thank you for letting me know her name, I’ll definitely take a look at the link x

  5. mummywho says:

    Yasss I agree if you work at home or are self-employed the hours you put in are way more than what you get paid for. I guess benefits to every job.

    Kay xx

    1. A blessing and a curse all in one at times.

  6. Sandra says:

    It is a balancing act for sure and you are right, there are many, many upsides and flexibility is definitely one of them but I think structure is often forgotten. For me making the self employed/working from home thing work is imposing a structure to my days, and weeks even. It doesn’t have to be rigid, but a framework to use as a guide is really helpful to me and part of that is including time off for yourself. You are right, we tend to work way more and at almost any given opportunity, but that’s incredibly hard to sustain long term and for me the answer is to build in time for myself too. A day off here and there, or an afternoon maybe. Small things, like actually making sure you stop for 10 mins and have a lunch without looking at a screen or grabbing something while working can make a surprising difference too!

    S x

  7. dorothy burns says:

    I got rid of my smart phone! i now have H O U R S of the day to get stuff done. I feel completely liberated!

    1. Sounds great Dorothy, but almost my entire job is done through my phone!

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