Small Space Garden Ideas – Table Top Edible Bowl.

It’s no secret that I’m in love with my garden, those that follow me on Instagram and watch my stories will have seen that it features heavily in our daily life. This said, it’s a relatively recent love affair, which intensified when we spent some time last year having a bit of an overhaul. You can read more about that here.

Before this I had an interest and longing to get my hands in the soil and grow things, but if I’m honest, I couldn’t be bothered to give much of my time to our sad, ugly garden.

Now I’ve got the bug bad!

Our garden isn’t large (I grew up in the countryside and we had a woodland and two huge field sized gardens, more space than you knew what to do with), but it’s also not too small. With time I’m finding it feels just right, but there have been lots of tweaks along the way.

The main feature is a large raised bed, packed full of beautiful flowers, grasses, Eucalyptus and so much more. It’s my pride and joy and it really lifts my spirits when I get time to potter about out there. But, I do wish I had more growing room. We’re fortunate that our property is surrounded by established trees and a beautiful dry stone wall, the space feels established, grounded and incredibly green and alive. But I’m lacking room for more edible plants.

But instead of moan, I have been finding ways to work around this problem, one of which is growing on top of things. I have Strawberry plants stood on top of my potting table, Eula is growing some peas, which live on top of the playhouse/ She Shed.

So when I went a bit mad at the Garden Centre yesterday (Pengelly’s, out at Hewas Water, one of my favourites), buying several herbs and edible flowering plants, I knew I needed to come up with another way of growing them.

It wasn’t until I got home and was unloading all my latest plant purchases that I remembered I had bought two of these large terracotta bowls are a Carboot Sale a few weeks ago. I think I paid about £7 each which is a total bargain! One of them I used a few weeks ago to make a Succulent Bowl, which lives out the front of the house. You can see how I made that one over on my Instagram Garden Highlights.

Add crocks for drainage (gravel/stones etc work just as well)
Pop in your compost…

I bought Basil, Chives, Chamomile, a Curry plant, Mint and Pineapple Sage, so a real mix of flavours and uses.

Starting to position the plants…

If your plants are really pot bound, when you take them out, then make sure you tease the roots out a bit, to help encourage them to spread. Chives have beautiful, edible flowers, which is an added bonus.

All potted up and ready for some slug defence. I like to be as chemical free as possible in the garden, I’m a total Bee lover and love to encourage all kinds of insects, so I don’t really want to use anything that hurts them. I am NOT a Slug fan though, seriously, was IS the point in them?! These Wool Pellets work wonders, I use them around the base of all the plants those bastard little beasts like to munch and since starting to use these I’ve not lost a single plant. They’re available here, from Tesco Direct, or try your local independent garden centre.

It’s really important for me that the girls are connected to where food comes from, I love that we have fruit and edible plants in the garden for them to try and I hope to increase this side of gardening, once we’ve done some work to the other half. I dare not mention that to Stu right now though!

For now I will have to come up with more ways of sneaking edibles into our smallish but perfectly formed space. You could adapt this idea to fit many small spaces, window boxes in a flat, wall mounted planters (this is next on my to do list, to grow more edible flowers).

What are your favourite edibles? Are you a hardcore veg gardener/ allotment owner?

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  1. Kelly says:

    Love your back garden. We have a small on too that isn’t very established yet but we do as much veg and fruit as we can. Love my autumn raspberry canes which are bery upright so can fit in a smaller space. Also try to focus on other high yield crops that are higher value in the shops eg pumpkins, courgettes, runner beans etc. Growing chantanay carrots with my three year old also lots of fun and they dont take too long. Good luck and thanks for your blog – love it!

    1. Thanks Kelly, I was wondering about whether I could squeeze some raspberries in, we have blueberries and currant bushes ♡

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