Out and About – Falmouth and Penryn.

I’ve had the loveliest 2 days, spending some quality time with close friends, away from the house, the children, it’s felt like a mini holiday, which can only be a good thing.

Today I met up with my lovely friend Kirsty and we headed to Falmouth for a few hours. I took a fair few snaps, intending to just share them on my Instagram Stories, but I’ve decided to share here aswell, because it’s all just been rather wonderful to tell the truth. This sunshine doesn’t half boost the feel of everything, I hope you’re having good weather today too?

Retro Chic is always on the visit list, the coolest Charity Shop in the land…

I found/ bought this wonderful Norwegian Stavangerflint serving dish which I’m totally thrilled with..

Cross the road and you’ll conveniently find yourself in one of my current favourite cafes in Cornwall, The Warehouse.

Owned by Origin Coffee, they know how to serve a pretty wonderful drink, oh and the food is incredible too.

This was brunch on my last visit, Buttered Greens on Sourdough toast, soooo flipping GOOD!

Today it was a Green Tea and Cheesecake Brownie kinda day.

I can’t even put into words how good this was, holy moly!

The decor in here makes my heart hurt a little, I just want to move in, immediately. Kirsty and I had to seriously restrain ourselves so the Dor & Tan ceramics didn’t “accidentally” fall into our bags. The mugs are by KINTO Japan and just feel so good in your hands.

Onwards into Falmouth, the sunshine creating a true holiday feel. The air was filled with the scent of wild roses, an entire hedge, at least 30 yards long, heavy with floral fancies. The smell was heaven.

Willow & Stone is always firmly on the visit list for Falmouth. Their window displays are always a serious treat for the eyes…

Merill’s for a fix of beautiful Mid Century and Antique eye candy.

Toro Studio – because it’s AMAZING!

I could have spent hours in here, absorbing all the different plants, the pots and just the overall feeling of calm and beauty. One day I’d love to have a dedicated space, which I can adorn in a similar way.

I’m very much obsessed with this pot and firmly believe owning it is the source of true happiness. It’s very much on my save up for it short list ♡

I did treat myself to a beautiful little String of Hearts, as I’ve been envious of my friend Rachel’s every time I visit her lovely home (you can see a snippet of that house over on Instagram as it featured as last night’s grid photo).

The Ope – I’ve followed The Ope on Instagram, from right back when they opened their doors for the first time and yet, somehow, had never made it there for a visit. Today I remedied this and I’m so glad a did.

This was, quite frankly, THE best cheese toastie I’ve ever had. A tear may have come to my eye, utterly glorious with it’s golden crispy bread, ooodles of melted cheese and homemade tomatoe sauce and sunblushed tomatoes to lavish it with. I am going back for another asap!

Always lovely to see one of my Wooden Bead Trivets out in the wild, Skye who’s the wonderful creative owner of The Sky Gardens bought it as a gift for her sister, who’s one half of the team behind The Ope.

Loving the signage on the door…

I REALLY wanted to buy my husband this poster, he used to have a red Ford Fiesta XR2 when he was younger and often mentions it very fondly. Where on earth would I put it though?! I think it’s kind of fabulous in it’s own retro, funny way.
I really liked this suspended ply lighting in one of the shops we went in…
Vintage Warehouse 13

All in all a bloody lovely day, spent appreciating some of the very best of Cornwall’s small, independent shop and cafe owners, all with the company of one of my favourite people, @theschoolhousefamily

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  1. Ali says:

    What a fab ‘lovely things’ post Alice. We’ve got family in Penryn and this makes me want to jump in the car and go and see them right now. You’re so lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the world. x

    1. Thank you Ali, I really an blessed. Such a great day ♡♡

  2. Sue says:

    Brilliant – most of them are now on my list for a visit in a couple of weeks. Just need to find somewhere to send hubby and the dog for a few hours x

    1. Hahaha, to the beach? That way you can have a lovely relaxed mooch around ♡

  3. Annabel says:

    The ope is so good!! Had lunch there yesterday and got talked out of the cheese toastie and into the mozzarella and grilled peach salad… it was INCREDIBLE but there will always be a little bit of toastie regret now!! 💛 xxx

    1. Go back, it was life changing!

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