Ending the weekend on a Cocktail high.

Great weekends are made up of furniture buying exploration in our beautiful home county, discovering new beaches, eating good food and rounding it all off with cocktails in the garden.

》A disclaimer here, there was also much arguing too, the girls have been in quite a funk the last few days and my patience wore out an hour after Nancy finished school on Friday. Ha! Who am I kidding, my patience ran out about 6.5 years ago.


The Ope, eagerly awaiting our epic Cheese Toasties.

Food heaven!

I rounded the weekend off rather splendidly, by breaking out my beautiful LSA International Handmade Cocktail Glasses, which were sent to me as a gift a while ago.

For me, my ideal Cocktail is a Mojito. The fresh, zingy pop of Lime and Mint fills me with excitement and anticipation, the colour screams Summer and basically I couldn’t wait to get consuming!

I made a simple Mint infused Sugar Syrup by bringing 230ml of water to the boil, then adding 230g white sugar, stir until dissolved, take off the heat, add approx 20 mint leaves and leave for an hour to steep.

My garden is my sanctuary, so what better place to sit and enjoy a little luxury in my home. These glasses really made me feel like I was on holiday, child free, living my best life. If you allow yourself to soak in the details of a moment, it’s possible to achieve little moments of escape, even at home. I’m a firm believer in celebrating simple moments, by using a beautiful plate for a piece of cake, a vintage teapot when it’s cuppa time. Lighting a candle and sitting, just watching the world.

When you make a cocktail it’s a process, a chance to slow down and take in your surroundings. The beautiful glass mixing jug and wooden muddler my tools for creating some deliciousness.

It turnes out I’d forgotten to buy Soda Water, but instead of panicking, I decided to swap it for Prosecco, which I just so happened to have in the fridge. Not a bad trade!

Run a cut lime around the rim of your glass and spin it around on a plate of sugar, this gives a delicious sweet and textured element when drinking.

2 shots of Rum into the mixing jug, some crushed ice, the juice of a lime and fresh mint leaves.

Mash and muddle it all up, add a generous dash of your homemade Mint Syrup to each glass, pour in your rum mixture until half full, then top up with Prosecco.

Play around and see what you like more, you may like an extra squeeze of lime.

I was going to write this blog and publish it yesterday, but it’s safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself and time ran away with me.

It was a lovely way to end the weekend, but now I’m thinking it would also be a lovely way to start the new week…so excuse me, but I’m off for round 2.

Thank you to LSA International for the gift of the Cocktail Mixer Jug, Glasses and Muddler. As ever my thoughts and opinions are all my own ♡

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