Eula’s Room Revamp.

Today I’m breaking my blogger’s block and putting something new here. It has been the longest I’ve ever gone without writing in this space and as the days have ticked by the weight of my absence has got heavier, completely crushing my ability to string the right words together.

The longer you go without doing something, the harder it is to get back in the saddle. But I’m just going to jump on in as I’m excited to share Eula’s room with you.

Eula is the youngest, she’ll be 5 next month. I can’t believe my youngest child is almost 5, surely she’s still a baby?!

In our house we have 3 bedrooms, 2 are an ok size, Eula’s however is the size of a large cupboard. It’s sod’s law for her, being the unfortunate second born, that she get’s the “box room”, but we’re making the best of it as it’s what we have and we won’t be moving anytime soon.

When she first moved into her own room Eula had the Ikea Minnen bed, which initially was great, however the more time I spent folding myself into strange and unnatural positions to lie with her as she fell asleep, the more I realised this wasn’t going to be a long term setup. We pondered the idea of a some form of platform bed creation, but I feared it would feel very claustrophobic, so in the end a custom made ply bed, to fit the width of the room was decided upon.

This is the oldest photo on my phone gallery, January 2017. It’s been waiting all that time for me to write about her room!

As ever Stu stepped up to the challenge and with the help of some expert drawings by myself, on the back of an envelope, the perfect bed for the space was created. We already had a foam mattress (bought from Amazon) which was spare, so we cut the end off, making it 90cm x 160, popped a mattress protector on and that was that. It’s approx 30cm shorter than a standard single, but even a tall, 5ft 10’er like me can comfortable sleep in it, granted a bit of scrunching up us required, but she’s got a long way to go before that even enters the equation.

There were elements of the room that I liked, the bed, the Urban Outfitters duvet, some of her cushions and books, but overall it lacked a soul. The bare white walls felt cold and ill thought out.

The twin slot shelving was a great addition, you can read lots more about that here, however, even that felt lacking to me. The blank wall behind made the objects on the shelf feel like clutter.

I’m definitely one to over think things, my husband says I see problems where none exist, but I think it’s just that my mind is a constant whir of ideas and inspiration and so I can’t help but see what something could become.


I knew what I wanted to do, but the time had to be right. Opening the Alice in Scandiland Shop meant I wasn’t at home for much of the summer, Stu held the fort brilliantly, but the house did lose itself a bit, with artwork borrowed to illustrate “coming soon” stock at the shop, duvet sets being separated in the wash, so everyone ended up with random bits and pieces – shock, horror!

When it was time to prepare for the house being photographed for a feature next year in House Beautiful magazine, I knew the time was right to implement my plans for this tiny little room.

I became a House of Rym stockist when I opened the shop, I absolutely love their playful, beautiful Swedish designs and I knew I wanted to have a play with some of their pieces in Eula’s room.

The Palm me down wallpaper felt right instantly, I didn’t consider a single other style. Quick decisions were essential as we had very little time to transform much of the upstairs of our house.

At this time Piglet in Bed got in contact to see if I would like to tryout their Little Piglets Bedding Bundle. I was over the moon as I had been looking at option for Eula’s bed, her cotton duvet set hadn’t really stood the test of time and I was also intrigued about using Linen for her, as she’s such a hot little bundle in the night. I opted for the sage, as I felt this would tone nicely with the nature inspired scheme. It arrived in a beautiful linen drawstring bag (which was soon transformed into a way of taking a large quantity of toys from one room to the next by the girls). I was thrilled with the quality and Eula is utterly in love with her super soft bed.

Super soft Piglet in Bed 100% Linen.

Who can resist a little Piglet’s bum?!

The sage posed a problem with the colour of her little wardrobe though, clashing with the mint, so when my good friend Rachel offered to come over to help with the revamp, bringing a tin of Little Greene pink paint with her, it was a huge relief. She kindly did the first 2 coats. The 3rd I did at half 9 at night, with Eula sleep in the same room. Thank goodness it’s an Eco paint!

I had planned on undertaking the wallpapering myself, however, very fortunately one of my lovely Instagram followers kindly offered her husband’s services, when I posted a plea for help on my stories.

Thank goodness, like I didn’t have enough to do with a total revamp in the master bedroom, a full clean and tidy, elements of Nancy’s room to straighten out, cake to bake, a shop to run, stock to order… I really could go on!

I knew it was the right choice from the moment I saw the first piece go on the wall. Finally the room felt like it had a proper character.

The majority of Eula’s toys, that live in her room, are in an IKEA under bed storage basket thing, bought for £4 from a charity shop.

The wall between Eula’s room and ours was clad by my Dad. I had always envisaged this wall being wood, I love the patterns and texture of the grain and it really adds a new dimension to the space. We used low grade, thin Spruce Plywood, screwed to batons that had been attached to the wall. Birch Ply is my usual Ply go-to, but I wanted more knots and grain, the Spruce was also cheaper, so it’s a win win.

The room is so small it’s really very difficult giving a proper, overall sense of the design, as you just can’t get far enough back, but I’ve done my best. This has held me back from sharing much about her room in the past, because I can’t get “the perfect picture”, but I’m ignoring that now.

Eula is absolutely thrilled with the space, as am I. It feels rather wonderful that it is “done” and I can properly tick it off the to-do list, finally. The same can be said for this blog post, my first in a long time. Hopefully now I’ve broken my writer’s block I can get back to sharing with you.

Thank you if you’ve stuck around and are still here.

1. Fine Little Day Eye Eye PosterI have this in stock at the Alice in Scandiland Shop.

2. Piglet in Bed Linen bedding in Sage shop here.

3. House of Rym Resting Nesting Cushion Cover.

4. House of Rym Palm me down – brown

5. House of Rym decorative cushions.

6. Rachel Powell Yoko print.

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  1. It looks so lovely Alice – I am in awe of you painting whilst she sleeps!! That is true dedication!

    1. Hahahaha, thank you. Maybe more madness than dedication!

  2. Laura says:

    Congratulations on another beautiful room. I absolutely adore natural textures and the use of wood in children’s rooms. That ply cladding on the wall is an absolute triumph!

    1. Thank you so much Laura, I’m over the moon with it ♡

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