The importance of scent in interiors.

There are many ways to approach designing a space, but for me it’s about a feeling. Whether it’s a piece of furniture that excites me, setting me onto a path of inspiration, a colour or certain accessory, scent is as vital as all these other elements. A room should be an experience that goes far beyond the eyes.

Essential oil with quartz stone, lavander and marble

I’m working with Parks Candles on this post, to bring awareness to their new Definitive Guide to Scent and to talk about the importance of scent in Interior Design. Their firm beliefs about only using 100% natural wax is something that’s pretty important to me and their guide makes for fascinating reading. So often we do things because they are habit, but it’s lovely to delve a little deeper into the history and meaning of certain scents.


When I’m at home and wanting to de-stress, I create a little ritual of green tea from a special teapot, a favorite mug, set out in one of my favorite spots, comfortable and clutter free (this may well mean just pushing the real world out of sight momentarily), with a beautifully scented candle nearby, enriching the air. This is a routine I mimic with my children also, when we’re all feeling a little out of sorts and on top of each other, I turn the lights down low, light a candle and bring the focus into the now, rather than the cause of the angst.

Creating pools of light throughout a home, allowing you to choose just the right amount for your mood, can easily be achieved through the addition of candles, I like to adapt the mood for each space with varying scents. For example, the Kitchen is usually fresh and zingy, with citrus tones, whereas the living room would have a Cinnamon and wood smoke undertone, Sandalwood is a big favorite also.


It is said that, of all our senses, smell is the most closely linked to memory and I completely agree, for me my childhood home is freshly chopped wood, bonfires and and cut grass – all jobs I used to help with. This now translates into my love for quite earthy scents, as well as my excitement each time the wood burner is lit, no matter how many times I’ve done it that week. Rich, indulgent smells such as Jasmine, Amber and Musk take me straight back to my travels around Morocco and the wonderfully beautiful traditional Riads that we stayed in. Their interiors like indulgent dreams, so far away from my usual style, but so breathtakingly beautiful.

As I was planning our bedroom revamp, I found myself wondering not only about the look I was going for, but how I would like it to smell, to create a more relaxing and peaceful place, compared to the bare, overly grey, uninspiring wasteland that it resembled. Perhaps a cosy Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang, or a fresh Orange and Lemongrass.


What scents do you like to fill your home with and do they have a link to previous memories? How do you strike up a mood within your interior, do scents play a big role? Take a read of Park’s Scent Guide and learn so much more about your favourite smells.

This post is sponsored by Prices Candles, to raise awareness of their new Scent Fragrance Guide, however all words and thoughts are my own.

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  1. Katarina - says:

    Interesting, I have never really thought of linking an interior with some specific scent, but now that you mention it, it really makes a lot of sense. As I’m a huge fan of Moroccan style, I adore earthy scents such as patchouli, sandalwood, amber and similar and this are the fragrances I would like to dominate in my home and create a soothing and warm atmosphere. Thank you for this insightful blog post, Alice, I’ve taken so much from it! 🙂

    1. Thank you, it’s lovely to hear when something I wrote strikes a chord with someone x

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