A world away, just for us.

Last weekend we escaped real life and made a beeline to the Penventon Park Hotel, in Redruth. I’d been invited along for a night’s Press Stay, to take a look at the hotel and experience it for ourselves. The timing couldn’t have been better, with life so hectic at the moment (when is it ever not?!) some peace and quiet for just Stu and I felt incredibly important. How often do we slip through the weeks, keeping our heads above the surface, just, balancing children’s needs, the house work, cooking, shopping, general daily chores, but totally forgetting to set aside any time for ourselves, as a couple? The adults are always last on the priority list.

Image – Travelzoo

We arrived on the Sunday, I had already been down further West to see a friend early in the morning, so I picked Stu up from the train station (he’d been left to deposit the kids with my parents). It felt like we were going on a date, which I guess we were, but the arriving at Redruth seperately highlighted this fact and I had a little giggle to myself as I saw my husband get off the train. We had plans to go for a walk nearby, we’re quite familiar with this part of Cornwall, but as the mizzle grew heavier and all signs of blue sky disappeared, we decided to just check in early and spend the afternoon at the hotel.

The fun thing about staying at a hotel (not that we do it very often) is that you get to be someone else for a night or two. Whilst the decor of the room clearly isn’t the style I’d chose for our home, when I’m away, I want to experience something different. And I’m all for a 7ft tall headboard and gloriously high ceilings I can tell you! A world away from our little home.

Those who know my bathroom woes will know I get excited about a space big enough to fit at least 2 people in! I loved the muted tones in here and there was a great walk in shower too.

To the bar we went and that’s where we stayed all afternoon! We sat in the lounge and talked endlessly and I swear there was at least an entire hour solid that we didn’t mention the children once, imagine that!

I’m not a huge Gin fan, so the barman very kindly let me swap my Gin voucher for a delicious Espresso Martini – I even rememeberd to ask for a decaf version this time, as they’re my absolute favourite at the moment, but caffeine just makes me feel terrible. Thus far in my Cornish Espresso Martini investigations, this was the best yet.

Loved these big marble tiles in the toilets…

The decor was quite dramatic, but also quite dark, which made photographing difficult at times. It did, however, make you feel a little sultry and mysterious, or maybe that was just the cocktails?!

Scallop heaven.
Crab Pot

Dinner was included in my Press Stay (drinks in the bar were not – I always like to be transparent with these things).

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but my hopes were very much exceeded as our meal was wonderful. As many of you know, I’m all about the food and after a single mouthful of my Scallop starter I was getting rather excited. Stu’s the kind of person who eats to stay alive, that’s it, basically my polar opposite. We rarely eat out together as it’s just a waste of time/money, especially when his usual reaction is that I could have cooked said dish for less at home!

However, that night Stu had a little moment with his Hake and Samphire and it was a rather lovely thing to witness, us both excitedly talking about our food and sharing little samples of each other’s.

Before we had children we used to camp in France quite a lot. The van, Stu’s surfboard, my books and that’s all we needed. On our last night it became our own little tradition to find somewhere selling Crème Brûlée. So it was rather serendipitous that they should be serving it that night. Delish.

We then decided to head out into Redruth town and found ourselves embroiled in a Pool tournament at a local pub and it was hilarious! Stu even made a very brief and incredibly rare appearance on my Instagram Stories!…

Redruth doesn’t necessary have the best reputation as a town you should visit, but it’s full of absolutely beautiful architecture, left over from it’s rich, Mining heyday and there are some great vintage shops. Image – Mapio.net
The morning after the night before! I slept alllll night and no child woke me up. Whoop! Whoop!

Just before we left I fancied an iced coffee, because that’s how I roll and man am I happy I made that decision. This here is THE world’s greatest decaf iced Latte, hands down competition winner. I’m already planning when I am passing next to justify calling back in for another!

Overall, our stay was lovely and very much appreciated. The parts of the hotel we experienced made for a great little break away.

By the next morning the sun had returned and we decided to head down to Penzance for a few hours. I had one main reason in mind, but I’ll get to that.

Penzance is a beautiful town, full of wonderful, grand buildings which make me question so much of today’s boring and mundane creations in town centres.

The Egyptian House.

And now for the main reason for wanting to visit Penzance. No.56, my shop crush.

I’ve followed No.56 on Instagram for quite some time (is it weird that I follow shops I may never visit? For example Life Story, in Edinburgh. The chances of ever getting all the way up there are pretty slim I think!)

But finally I got to visit and I wasn’t disappointed. I love the mix of Utilitarian items, mixed with little luxuries and handmade treasures. I took away a lot of inspiration for the Alice in Scandiland Shop, as well as a little treat for myself. More about that to come..

Image – No.56 Penzance

Jubilee Pool – recently refurbished, so beautiful and firmly on my visit list for next summer.

On the way home I couldn’t help but call in at Craftworks in Truro, because it’s still one of my faves. Stu had never been, so it was lovely to share that with him. I was also eager to prolong our alone time, before the school pick up and crash back into reality.


And here’s my no.56 purchase, a beautiful, handmade Hannah Laurence cup which just spoke to me from the shelf and told me I would have many a happy cups of tea from it if I took it home – so clearly I had no choice.

So there, that was our little 24hrs of escapism, much needed, much appreciated and very much enjoyed.

When I asked Stu what his favourite part had been, he told me it was sat in the lounge of the Penventon Park Hotel, just talking and existing in that moment. Obviously this was my favourite moment too (beautiful cups, cocktails and iced lattes aside) and I’m already plotting how I can make something like that a more regular occurrence for us.

How do you and your partner like to reconnect? – keep it clean people!

Do you make special time just for the two of you?

A huge thank you to the Penventon Park Hotel for inviting us to stay. Whilst this was in exchange for me sharing our experience with you, all opinions are my own.

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