Master Bedroom Makeover.

Our house was shot for a feature in House Beautiful Magazine last month and this was the catalyst needed to push on and get multiple projects finally done, in time for the photographer’s arrival.

Our bedroom had a mini makeover 2 years ago, on a budget of about £5 and that was fine, for then. But over time the room was picked apart, pictures and accessories stolen for elsewhere in the house, cheap bedding started to look very worn and drab and before I knew it the room was back to being deeply unsatisfying and uninspiring.

This beautiful, vintage brass mirror was stolen for the living room revamp

Nothing was working for this room once taken apart, dreary, awful and very grey.

Our HUGE bed, which is made up of a double and single (our way of dealing with babies and breastfeeding and frequent nightime visitors when the girls were younger) takes up almost the entire width of the room. One part of me would love a “normal” bed, a beautiful wooden frame, bedside tables and space to move about the room a little more freely. But the other part of me, the most dominant, LOVES how much sleeping space we have and considering this is a room where I come to lie down, I think having that space to sprawl out and for my children to come in and have cuddles, without falling out the side, is more important at this point in our life.

When Stu and I stay somewhere else we find it incredibly weird to be in a standard size bed, so close, noticing the other person’s every nightime squirm and turn.

The inspiration for my plans for the room came when Deco Collective got in contact and asked if I would like to try out some of their 100% linen bedding. Linen was top of my wish list for changes in here, my initial love of the cheap cotton jersey we had soon wore out, with the way it stretched and sagged and tangled up your feet at night, as well as how hot and sweaty I found it. Deco Collective offer mix and match colours and patterns, so you can be very creative, as opposed to restricted by bedding sets.

I fell in love with this muted and beautiful colour pallete, coral, blush and olive, mixed with ply cladding and pulled together with the wonderful House of Rym blanket, which I stock at the Alice in Scandiland Shop.

As ever, my lovely Dad came to the rescue and helped immensely with the work needed to be magazine ready. With me working all hours at the shop and Stu either working or looking after the kids, we really couldn’t have done it without him.

When you’re undertaking work in your house, but have to stay put and have limited space, things can get pretty disorderly and stressful rather quickly. We spent a night sleeping in that hovel, my feet practically out in the hall, but it was all leading towards some serious progress.

I’ve had a love affair with Ply for quite some time, for me it’s the natural colour and tone, the grain patterns, bringing the outside in, as well as how quickly it can transform a space. I went back and forth over several options for our room, but it was only after I’d discussed it with the lovely Caroline, from Mint House Interiors, with her wonderful breadth of knowledge and ideas, that I finally committed to a design. The ledge meant the bed would need to move further out into the room, which in an already small room was a little bit of a worry, but it’s turned out really well.

We used a cheaper, lower grade Spruce Plywood as I loved the detailing…as well as the price! Birch Ply, my usual go-to, is beautiful, but costs soon add up, plus it generally has less grain visible and that wasn’t what I was after this time.

We also clad one of Eula’s room’s walls at the same time, which has completely transformed the space. You can read lots more about her room revamp here.

Anyone else see boobs? Hahaha! I kind of love this accidental feature.

I also wanted to clad the wardrobe, to pull the two halves of the room together. Unfortunately for Dad this turned into a hideously problematic “20 minute job”, ending up taking the better part of a day, down to an issue with the hinges and how close one of the doors is to the wall, blah blah.

But it was absolutely worth it.

This lovely little hanging pot was a gift from Rhiannon, My Designer Friend and I love the subtle injection of greenery, simple to look after, lovely to look at. I split a String of Hearts plant, putting the other half in a little pot for Nancy’s room.

Spark and Bell were very kind and sent me their beautiful Brass Flexi Neck Swing Lamp which is just perfect for the space and our needs. It came with all the fixtures and fittings you need to put it up, including the rawl plugs, now that’s attention to detail.

Isn’t that a thing of beauty?! Set against the lovely Fine Little Day Fjäll Poster, a best seller in my shop, with it’s dreamlike aura, I’m very pleased with how these details have come together, the lamp is simply perfect.

My aim is to try to reduce some of my screen time over the coming months and get back to my love of reading. Lounging here will be the perfect setting and the warm glow of this light will make a welcoming scene as the Winter sets in.

Messy bed, don’t care. Let’s be honest, this here is probably the truest representation of what our room will look like day to day. But with the amazing pop of coral, from the sheets underneath, even in “messy mode” it still looks pretty damn lovely, don’t you think? Linen bedding definitely isn’t for super neat, fans of ironing, it crumples and creases really quickly, but that is one of the reasons I love it, the pressue is off. I am most definitely NOT a fan of ironing, our iron rarely sees the light of day so I love this lived in look and it really feels like me, finally.

The peg rails were bought on eBay and the lovely maker/ seller rushed through my custom length order, as I’d left it rather close to my deadline before thinking about ordering. I’m absolutely thrilled with them, such lovely quality and the tones of the wood fit perfectly with the rest of the room.

I love that they are multifunctional, I can chop and edit details according to my mood and the changing seasons. This is also a great idea if you’re anything like me and crave change a little too often.

This little frame, containing pressed Clover (Shamrocks) was a random charity shop find, 50p very well spent in my opinion. I love that someone took the time and effort to pick, press and frame those little plants. Such a simple thing, but so lovely. The Fine Little Day Swim Poster just makes me smile, it’s a simple as that. I sell it in my shop by the way.

The Ikea Ikornnes Mirror was a happy accident, I had bought it for use in the shop, but somehow it made it’s way home and I popped it up there as a temporary measure, but it fits exactly across 3 pegs and I couldn’t imagine anything else feeling right now.

So, there you have it, finally a room to be proud of and not escape as quickly as possible, to avoid the depressing grey mood it previously gave off.

I walk in here now and feel calm and inspired, I am sleeping better since changing to Linen bedding, as is Eula who also now has 100% Linen and I look forward to climbing into bed at night.

Clockwise –

House of Rym Kind of Kurbits blanket, £96, one left in my shop. Spark and Bell Flexi Neck Light, Malabon Pendant Light, Pagazzi, Fine Little Day Fjäll Poster, sold out in my shop right now, more coming in November, Ikea Ikornnes Mirror, Deco Collective Linen Bedding.

A huge thank you to Deco Collective and Spark and Bell for the gift of their wonderful products, they’ve really helped this room become what it is, a haven, rather than a horror.

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  1. Richenda FARRELLY says:

    So lovely! Really inspiring.

    1. Thank you sweety, so pleased with it ♡

  2. This is soooo beautiful. I love a bit (or a lot) of plywood!

    Also such a great idea to have a huge bed, it looks so cosy! And having all those pegs to swap things out is right up my street – I love change too!

    Chloe | Design & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you so much Chloe, I’m so pleased with how it turned out ♡

  3. Kelly says:

    Beautiful! Can you share the details of where the peg rails came from? All I see is boobs now you mentioned it!

    1. Hello and thank you so much. Here’s a link to the seller on eBay. You can message him and ask for a custom size.

      1. Kelly says:

        Thanks Alice!, Also.. Our bed has a really thick mattress, are the linen sheets generous in size or would we have to size up? N.B Your Dad is a star!

      2. Very gebroud size wise. It is a shame they don’t do fitted ones though.

  4. Nicola Jakubowski says:

    Lovely room. Does you ceiling shade have a name? I’m trying to find something similar but without a huge price tag.

  5. Hayley Shing says:

    I have only just discovered your blog and omg why did I not find this at the start of lockdown?! You are definitely my interior soul mate! Your style is every thing I love mixing Vintage with modern and I especially love this bedroom look, massive shared bed for little people (4 year old and 8month old here, unmade bed, wooden clad boobies.. Love love xxx

    1. Thank you so much Hayley, I’m so pleased you enjoy my work x

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