Advent begins.

There’s nothing like a little crafty project to break the blog block, hi, remember me? Possibly not, it’s been a rather long time, again!

Needless to say life is CRAZY busy right now, but I am really excited to share the Advent Calendar I’ve put together for the girls this year. It’s been a relatively quick and simple make but it’s my favourite calendar so far.

To start let’s have a reminder of Advents gone by…

Last year’s was rather lovely –

You can read lots more about it here, I think this is still in the attic (we haven’t ventured up to retrieve any of the Christmas decorations yet), I’m thinking I may do a little giveaway so it can find a new home…

More from previous years –

This year I had a set location in the house in mind, the wall up the side of the stairs.

Up until a few months ago we had a banister from the entrance hall, up the stairs which I would decorate at Christmas with a garland and fresh greenery, but this was taken away to open the space up in September, which I am so thrilled about, but I felt it needed something to festive it up.

I’d bought these little bags for the Alice in Scandiland Shop, so these were an easy option. I like the fact they’re reusable, I didn’t want to commit to them always being an Advent thing, so I decided to stamp onto brown paper and safety clip those on, a method I’ve used to make some Christmas gift bags for shop stock –

Alice in Scandiland Shop

I’ve filled the bags with a mix of different things, ranging from a simple few sweets, to handmade tree decorations from my shop, multi coloured pencils and some beautiful Braided Stars, which were a gift to me from a new friend, from her trip to visit family in Denmark.

I sell some similar in the shop, made by a lovely local Danish lady.

Braided Star decorations, handmade, £3 each from my shop x
Watts Trading snack and treats.

I’m consciously trying to cut down on our plastic use in the house and to help the children become more conscious of what we all need to do to help the environment, so I opted for Pick&Mix sweets, which come in a paper cup. I wrapped some of the more sugary, sticky treats in reused tissue paper.

Beautiful double sided star decorations £7 each from my shop.
Origami decorations, starting from £4 from my shop.

Some of the dates have little handmade cards in, informing the girls of an exciting Christmas event that’s taking place that day.

I love how the garland has become the first step in our house towards decorating and I can feel the bug catching. Next on my list is to set a date for choosing our tree.

I hope you liked this little quick make, I’m so happy with how it turned out.

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