Stocking Fillers for the Girls.

Today was an unexpected day at home, having succumb to a viral thing that’s been stalking me for weeks. Wonderful timing as ever and I’ve had permanent guilt all day that the shop is closed this close to Christmas, absolutely not how I saw this week going.

Anyway, I’ve mostly been collapsed on the sofa, binge watching tv, with the fire blazing, but I’ve also put together a quick little blog about Nancy and Eula’s stockings, as I thought the contents may be of interest to those of you with children or young people to buy for.

Both the girls will have a new pair of Pyjamas to wear to bed Christmas Eve, this set was from Next, as you will see, from the contents of their stockings, Nancy and Eula are both a bit Unicorn obsessed.

The pyjamas came as a set of 2, so I’ve split the pack up and the girls will have a split colour set, to save arguments as they will clearly think the one who gets all pink is the more loved child!

This beautiful book is for us to read at bedtime, having placed stockings at the ends of the beds.

Do you do the same, or are you a leave them downstairs kind of family? I can still rememeber what it’s like to wake up and just know that Father Christmas had been, simply by the weight of my stocking lying across my legs, on the bed.

We’re all a bit in love with the Moomins here, so these plates will be a huge hit, I hear Father Christmas got them from the Moomin Shop in Covent Garden.

MeriMeri is a brand which is adored in our house and we are so fortunate to have worked with them on several occasions. It would seem Father Christmas is also a fan, as MeriMeri sent him a box of gifts to share with Nancy and Eula…

These wonderful Reindeer bags will most probably go under the tree, with their Christmas Eve pyjamas in…

These little Worry People were from an Oxfam Charity Shop, I had a set when I was a little girl and truly felt they helped. You whisper your worries to the dolls, then pop them back in the bag, slip them under your pillow before you go to sleep and by morning your worry will be gone, or certainly lessened a fair bit.

Who wouldn’t love a cat or a unicorn in a little pouch necklace?!

Teeny tiny stamp sets, perfect for all the hours Nancy and Eula spend creating..
I’m not sure which girl will have this erection head Unicorn yet, but I know whoever does will be totally thrilled!
MeriMeri do unicorns in a much less phallic way…

These gorgeous little mice are from Watts Trading, which is a beautiful shop opposite mine in Lostwithiel.
Olive wood spoons from the Alice in Scandiland Shop and Reindeer blanks from The Range.
I couldn’t resist these cute little snowglobes when I was last at Ikea, so I passed the idea along to Father Christmas.

In our house Father Christmas wraps the gifts he puts in the stockings, but it’s important he uses paper that’s never been seen in that house before.

This year he made some, with the help of a little furry thing…

I was going to bring you a lovely photo of the gifts all wrapped up in the stockings I made the girls last year, but I had a lie down at about 3:30pm, for a little nap and woke up at 6:30, feeling incredibly confused in the pitch black. So, no more photos today!

A big thank you to MeriMeri for the very kind gifts they have sent for the girls, it’s always a pleasure having their fun little creations in our home.

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  1. Hannah says:

    Absolutely loved reading this Alice, gorgeous gifts – you’re girls will be over the moomin 😉x

    1. Thank you lovely x

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