Kitchen Shelves, Finishing Touches.

I was finally at home during daylight today so I managed to grab a few snaps of our new kitchen shelves. It’s so strange to think I’ve spent so little time at our house these past 5 months or so, every waking moment has been spent at the shop, thinking about the shop or grabbing snippets of time with the girls in the brief moments I’m not at the shop or planning for it.

Interiors wise it’s been a very quiet few months for the house (much to Stu’s appreciation I’m sure).

But a few weeks ago the nagging feeling inside, the “something isn’t quite right” feeling I often get, cropped up again for the kitchen. It didn’t come as a surprise, I’ve had shelves on the brain on and off since we redid this room a few years ago now. I fought and fought the feeling, but in the end I knew it was an itch I needed to scratch, even if just to prove to myself that it wasn’t the right choice for the space.

It’s not as though there was much wrong with this side of the kitchen, it was all nice enough, but I never felt fully settled with it. The large Fine Little Day print, one of me favourites, filled a void for a little while, but the pountlesnes of all the objects there frustrated me. It was a waste of space.

I try not to have collections and “things” that are pointless, but I have found that over the past year or so there are objects in the kitchen which have lacked a proper home. Pieces which move in and out of use constantly, candle holders, a favourite jug, handmade mugs… these things drifted around the room, homeless and looking like clutter.

So shelves it was.

I spent some time thinking about what style of shelving I wanted, the options are so vast and in the end I decided to go with a cheap and easy option for the time being, to get it done (so much of my brain space is taken up with the Alice in Scandiland Shop, I find I have little tolerance for multiple options right now).

I had seen the B&Q Form Pine Shelf Brackets in store and liked their simplicity (similar to the IKEA Ekby Valter birch brackets, but without the piece at the top which stops the shelf sitting up flush to the wall). The B&Q Kosto Pine Shelf Board was exactly the depth and width I was after, so about £40 and 20 minutes to put up, the job was done.

Our kitchen is already a mashup of different tones of wood, I love the variations (for many it would probably give them shivers!) A good friend expressed her concern that shelves above would detract from the vintage school lockers below, a very valid worry, but thankfully I think they actually enhance them. This side of the room feels more ordered, a lot more useful and I love seeing some of my favourite things right there, close to hand.

I totally adore this vase, a vintage charity shop find. I keep meaning to try and find out some more about it…
Stelton Coffee Press, House of Rym Lost Acorns Milk Jug, handmade candle plate…little vintage wooden mouse tealight holder.. all these things have come home with me from the Alice in Scandiland Shop!

A spare IKEA Ranarp clamp on light, which has at one point or another lived in both Nancy and Eula’s bedrooms, provides some mood, previously this side of the kitchen was a little forgotten about come nightime.

So there, another job ticked off the to-do list, a success and even Stu agrees they were a good idea! It just goes to show you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to make changes in your home.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all you lovely people who take the time to check in here and read about what I’ve been up to a very Happy Christmas.

Today I spent a festive day with the girls at Trerice National Trust House, visiting the Tufor Father Christmas, absorbing some history and enjoying some rare time together. One more shop day tomorrow and then I get a whole week off, I can’t wait!

Beautiful textures and patterns on a festive table at Trerice House.

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  1. K says:

    Happy New Year Alice and thank you for your wonderful blog. It has been a source of inspiration for me since I discovered it back in September. Hoping to make my own little home even half as lovely as yours!

    1. Hello and thank you so much, that’s really wonderful to hear. Happy New Year to you too x

  2. Bec says:

    Hi Alice, I am new to your blogs but have really enjoyed reading them recently. I have been trying to find a blog on how you changed your worktops and splash backs and removed the tiles. I love that you have got rid of the tiles chosen wood instead. Have you found it holds up well to splashes and dirty marks are easy to remove? If you ever have the time to write a blog abut this in between everything else….?!

    1. Hi Bec,
      I’m so pleased you have enjoyed the blog so far.
      I’m a little confused about your question though, the tiles are what we have currently, not wood.


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