Friend Feature – A Very Grownup Dining Room.

My very wonderful friend Rachel has created an absolutely beautiful dining room and I couldn’t help but photograph it when I visited, just before Christmas.

I wanted to share with you, to celebrate and shout about her (and her partner Justin’s) achievements, because I feel I have very much been a part of the detailed journey to get to this point, I’ve mentioned before that Rachel is my go to, daily Interior sounding board, a role that comes right back at me for all of her own ideas, inspiration and planning.

Let’s start with a bit of before, for effect…

The dining room was the darkest place in the house, so often the way with these Victorian Terrace houses. Rachel is like me, her go to is white walls, though she prefers more of a maximalist clash and riot of colour, usually achieved with characterful, eclectic accessories. But this central room was dull and depressing, the soul felt like it had been sucked out, white just wasn’t going to cut it.

Rachel decided to embrace the current downside to this room and go all dark, a trick that often can really lift a space devoid of natural light.

Right around the time I decided to go dark for our living room, Rachel ordered the Lakeland Farrow&Ball Railings colour matched Eco paint, thinking about it, it was actually Rachel who wanted to go dark first, but I jumped on her bandwagon and did it all in one child free afternoon, gazumping her…sorry Rachel!

I had such Christmas free envy with this simple beauty, the size and shape is my ideal tree, bought from HomeBargains of all places! That’s where I’m heading next year. The wonderful lights are from The White Company.

After the catastrophe that was the paint for our living room and the extra mistake of painting the ceiling, Rachel decided to air on the side of caution and not paint her ceiling dark, which had been the initial plan. It was absolutely the right decision.

Custom made alcove cupboard doors, by Steve Mason Furnture Maker, streamline the space, feeling less fussy and easier to keep tidy. Vintage Vanson upholstered chairs sourced on eBay .

Ercol Grand Windsor Table + Stickback 391 Chairs

Perch & Parrow Mirror, Dowsing & Reynolds Chandelier.
Vintage Piano and stool sourced on eBay.

It’s now a true heart of the home, a multifunctional space, no longer a room you simply pass through to get to somewhere else.

Rachel has achieved most of this while pregnant with her third child, driven by her plans to Freebirth in this special room. Now if that isn’t reason enough to push on and get her ideas out into the real world, then I’m not sure what else. Hell hath no fury like a woman making a birth nest! I did much the same when pregnant with Eula, getting rid of about 60% of our belongings, ripping out the terrible blue carpet in the living room and getting it just so.

Tiles from Milagros.

I’ll leave you with this perfect Christmas image, because the holidays aren’t over yet and this kind of makes me want to go back and do it all over again!

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  1. Sarah says:

    What a transformation! Can’t believe that fireplace and those alcoves are the same. Gorgeous tiles.

    1. Beautiful isn’t it ♡

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