Nancy’s Bedroom Do-Over – The Inspiration.

I’ve suddenly realised that I have started Nancy’s room revamp, but, beyond the stories I have shared over on Instagram, I haven’t shown you a proper breakdown of my plan. Perhaps this is because I rarely have a full plan in place, but I’ll share my inspiration with you, to give an idea of where I am hopefully heading.
Nancy’s bedroom was “done” a few years back and it was nice, she liked it, it mostly worked, but thanks to an escalation in a damp, condensation problem within our home and her room being on the end of the house, with a large, outside wall, all of a sudden we seemed to have several very noticeable issues in there. The wall behind her artwork got damp, causing black mould and the pictures became wrinkled and damaged.
But thanks to a collaboration with Envirovent, which I will be talking about here very soon, I believe our damp and mould problems are a thing of the past. So, I’ve thrown myself into banishing the stained walls and updating this bedroom.

Ok and I wanted to try out some of the beautiful, warm tones I was so inspired by when I visited Maison et Object in Paris in January and this is the perfect chance.
Zone Denmark had one of the most beautiful displays of practical and gloriously coloured product. The tones and warmth make my heart sing.Monk & Anna, love everything about this.HK Living was another favourite and the subtle colour palette stuck in my mind long after. I really hope to bring this beautiful brand to the shop in the not so distant future.For me, inspiration comes from a whole host of places and I store little ideas and concepts away somewhere in my brain, until a time when it may be suitable. It’s then so fun joining the dots together, planning the details and seeing what actually works.

You can follow my planning and collecting of prettiness over on Pinterest – follow me there to stay up to date.
image –
The colour and tones of this room are just perfection.via @tessahop
Forever a huge source of glorious interiors inspiration.

Ida, otherwise known as Nordic Re-make is always a massively enjoyable and valuable source of inspiration. Her way with subtle colour, texture and quirky details is the stuff of my dreams. I can’t help but pull elements from Ida’s room designs and attempt my own take, because she is pretty much my most favourite Instagram account to follow. I featured Ida on the blog last year, you can read more about her here. I hope one day we’ll get to meet in the real world.

Images – Nordic Re-make

So, this brings me to my plan of action and The Moodboard.
Details, clockwise from top left. Be Kind banner, handmade by Happy Sunday Studio, Tiger Cushion – H&M Home, Astrid light – Habitat, Pink Rainbow Bed sheet – Swedish Linens,  Birch Pegrail – H&M, Dulux Soft Stone Emulsion, IKEA TARVA Chest of Drawers, Cinnamon Linen bedding – H&M Home, Fringed Mirror – H&M Home, Rainbow Wall hanging –  Oyoy, Norfolk Island Pine – Alice in Scandiland Shop

I have been collecting bits and bobs over the last few months, which does mean some things are unavailable now. Such as the H&M Fringed Mirror and Birch Pegrails – I had to look as far as Spain and have some extras sent by a lovely friend last week, as I was 4 short.Once the room in complete (a few weeks from now) I will share more about the specific details.

I would like to create a new desk area, to replace the Twin Slot Shelving setup she has had previously. I have it in my mind to maybe use some PrettyPegs table legs, something along the lines of…
image via

I’m very excited to work with some wonderful brands on this room revamp, Mosnox and Swedish Linens will be a match made in heaven and I can’t wait to share so many more of the details as they come to life.
Head to Instagram and check out my “Nancy’s Room” highlights to follow my progress from start to finish.
This post contains links to Brands I have/ will be receiving gifted items from for the purpose of making this room extra wonderful and sharing the details with you.
As ever, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hello Alice!
    I just wondered if you could pop me a message – based on your blog post – we’ve just had Envirovent over to quote for our modernised condensationy 70’s bungalow – how long has yours been fitted and would you recommend the Atmos unit and the guys who organised it? We’re in deepest Dorset and always find it hard to actually get trade people in to do jobs, thank you for your time! Very much appreciated, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah, we’ve been really pleased with ours so far, however haven’t gone through a winter with it yet. It had a very noticeable difference within 24hrs though. It’s been fitted since earlier in the year. Very pleased will all aspects of the service…

      1. Sarah says:

        Thank you, that’s great to hear! Feel we need to go for it before the damp autumn weather sets in again and more space gets ruined – not that this feels like summer! Although I like a bit of great British rain as I’m originally from the Lakes! Best wishes to you – great to see your online shop x

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