Going a little Greener – Picnicking.

Life has been such a busy juggling act these last months, with everyone having to make compromises along the way, especially the children. I definitely haven’t been around as much as they or I would like, but I try not to feel guilty, they know it won’t be forever, it’s just that right now I’m working hard to build strong foundations for my business, so it can function and run well, even in my absence.This said, when the sun finally made it’s appearance last week and the stars aligned to allow a free evening, a fancy beach picnic after school seemed like just the thing.

I’m working with Ekobo on this post, creators of Bamboo and Eco-friendly wares and this will be the first in a series of blog posts, talking about the small, manageable changes we are making at home, to be more environmentally aware.

Ekobo Tableware is made with bamboo, “…a highly-renewable natural material. Specifically, they collect sawdust that is shed from cutting and shaping bamboo chopsticks and bamboo flooring”.

I first became aware of Ekobo when I visited Maison et Objet, in Paris, this January. Their wonderful use of tonal colours, as well as the feel and eco conscious ethics behind the brand, greatly appealed to me, both in my research for products to stock at the Alice in Scandiland Shop, but also for our life at home.

We’re very fortunate to live in Cornwall, a beautiful part of the world which really inspires you to be outside as much as possible. And that’s what we do, especially in the Summer, when long, hot (hopefully) beach days are the absolute best way to entertain the children.

When you’re heading out at 10am and take the girl’s pyjamas, because that’s how long you plan to be out, a bit of planning when it comes to food, goes a long way. It gets very expensive eating out all the time, not to mention all the one use takeaway packaging, so picnics are always the best answer. Up until now though we’ve never quite got it right with the picnic equipment, making do with pots that no longer seem to have lids, old Chinese tubs, passed on from the in laws, that still smell of Chow Mein. And don’t even get me started on the aesthetics of all this.

For me, food should please all the senses, taste, touch and it should most definitely appeal in a visual way.Of course this isn’t always possible, trust me, not every meal we have is photo worthy, but I do like to take that little extra care when I can, to create a feast for the eyes, as well as for the tummy. It’s something the girls really enjoy.

These RePET lunch bags are each made using 5 recycled plastic bottles, I absolutely love it when something is useful, practical, beautiful AND helps the environment.

This pair drive me absolutely insane, but also I want to eat them up they are so scrumptious! I am also incredibly envious of their style this summer, I may have got a bit click happy on the Zara website late at night!

My large Hinza Nougat bag, another environmentally conscious product that now features heavily in my life – it’s made from Sugar Cane, makes the perfect picnic bag and also looks gorgeous against the front door!! This is one of those bags that I now own that makes me wonder how I ever lived before it came into my life! They’re designed and made in Sweden, closely following the original 1950s design that became a true classic.

We headed to Caerhays, one of my favourite beaches on the south coast. Easily accessible (I try to pretend handing over £4.50 for the carpark doesn’t happen, the flip side of living in a popular tourist destination is having to pay through the nose for parking during peak season). The upside is you don’t have to drag the children and stuff all the way down the side of a cliff, knowing the return journey will be 5x as bad, as you’ll all be exhausted and completely over the day’s events and the children will lose the ability to put one foot in front of the other and you’ll have to carry a 7 and 5 year old, a surfboard, wet wetsuits, the 75 pebbles that are “completely my favourite things ever”, as well as the possibility it started raining 10 minutes after you arrived.

I found this Ferm living Tent and La Redoute floor cushion on Facebook marketplace recently and couldn’t help myself from saying yes immediately. It’s lightweight, easily folded up and I already had visions of exactly this scene…

I really couldn’t imagine living anywhere else and feel so blessed that this is what my children’s childhood looks like.It was really lovely to slow things down and fully invest my attention in the moment.

The Picnic got demolished, I’d like to add at this point that life is not all sunshine, beaches and exceptional Instagram worthy parenting. Both the girls were up and down in mood, as is always the way on a Friday evening, post school, exhausted and in need of letting loose.

I do love a bit of compartmentalisation, especially when it looks this good.

3 guesses which was the most favourite part of the picnic?! …you were thinking it was these glorious looking doughnuts, weren’t you?! Well, amazingly you’d be wrong. Nancy and Eula are Olive addicts. They just can’t get enough!

I really hope these are the parts of their childhood they will remember, the rose tinted, sunlit moments of freedom to be themselves. As opposed to the shouty Mummy, trying to heard a pack of blindfolded Sloths, which is how school mornings feel at the moment.

This is my favourite part of a beach day, when everyone else goes home, the sand begins to cool underfoot, the golden hour of magical light rolls in and it feels like you have your very own, private, personal part of paradise.

Many items featured in this blog post are now available from my shop. Ekobo feels like a perfect fit for my brand and the fact my whole ethos for the store is to only sell products that I would/ do have and use at home myself means that this really is a match made in aesthetically pleasing, useful, everyday use product heaven!

Thank you to Ekobo for the kind gift of our new picnic/ tableware, as ever though, all thoughts are my own and I would never recommend a product or brand that I wouldn’t be happy to buy/ use myself.

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