Christmas Time.

Writing here has become progressively harder for me this year, not just because I seem to be so short on time, but also the longer I go between blog posts, the more I start doubting myself and the ideas I have to share. I question whether it’s actually of interest and am I just being self indulgent and self involved?! I’m hoping to build my confidence for writing back up in the new year, 2020, a new decade, new possibilities and I would like to think new and exciting things are in the pipeline for me.

I didn’t want Christmas to pass without some form of record of it here though, December has been a long and tiring month, Christmas retail really is an all or nothing affair and I barely had a day off until the big day itself. But that’s ok, the shop has proved popular and I am absolutely over the moon about that. Hopefully next year will see my business grow further, which is exciting and frightening all at once!

I thought I would share a photo heavy account of the last few weeks, because amongst the long working hours and feeling over stretched as a Mum, there have also been many very lovely moments.

We went to our favourite local garden centre, Pengelleys, to choose our tree this year. They go all out for Christmas, with fantastic children friendly decorations, games and their tree selection was wonderful.
We went for this lovely, tall and relatively slim Fraiser Fir, as I wanted something less fat and obtrusive than previous years. It smells absolutely delicious. As ever, I am a bit of a fuss pot when it comes to getting the right tree, I spotted this beauty in behind the giant gingerbread house, not officially on display it would seem, but I knew at a glance it was the one!

I’ve been pondering the idea of getting one of these beautiful Picea Pungens (Blue Spruce) and growing it on for a future potted Christmas tree, isn’t it just gorgeous?!

I fell head over heels in love with this Workshop Ltd Brass Moon Tree Topper as soon as I saw it and bought immediately. Nadine is such a wonderfully inspiring creative, we follow each other on Instagram and we got to meet in person in the summer when she visited my shop. I adore her beautiful, simple candle blocks too.

I had to resort to wrapping much of my gifts at work this year, as I had so little time at home, but seeing as the majority of Nancy and Eula’s Christmas gift requests were items I sold, it all made sense really.

I had been saving the beautiful tissue paper many of the Fine Little Day prints come in, ready to reuse as wrapping paper. I used ribbon to secure it and after gentle instruction to the girls to be a little less manic with their unwrapping, I have managed to salvage a fair few pieces to be used again.

Two new additions to our Christmas decorations. These handmade, German Christmas Pyramids are absolutely beautiful and would make an incredibly thoughtful gift for someone.
A visit to the most Christmassy house in the land is always a must!

Stu asked what I would like for Christmas around the 21st, he’s been busy working 2 jobs, his regular one as a Printer, but also his second one, which is basically him being my bitch! He picks up all the menial tasks I don’t have time for when things get really busy and I would be so lost without him. Anyway, I couldn’t think of a single “thing” that I wanted, aside from some proper time with just him and the girls, no work distractions. So my gift was a lovely roast dinner at The Longstore and a walk in Charlestown, the Sunday before Christmas day. It was such an enjoyable afternoon (though I did have to work in the morning).

Possibly the only photo of the 4 of us in existence!
“‘Twas the night before Christmas…”

Dear Mr C, Love Nancy.

I really believe in you and I think that you have magic to get upstairs so you don’t make a sound and so they don’t creak.

I hope your reindeer like the carrots and you like the milk and mince pie.

Love Nancy and Eula.

P.S Eula made a picture for you. Love you Father Christmas.

Nancy, age 8

I made Nancy and Eula’s stockings about 2 years ago. You can read more about them here.

Last minute wrapping…

One of my most favourite parts of Christmas, or any occasion really, is laying the table. I save all kinds of little things all year, that get reused, birthday after birthday, Christmas, Easter, or just for a lovely, fancy weekend meal.

I created this table as a surprise for the girls, laying it very late Christmas Eve, ready for a delicious breakfast the next morning.

The incredibly cute reindeer crackers were gifted to me by MeriMeri, the table confetti too (but from a previous partnership with them for a birthday party). The confetti has been reused at least 3 times so far, used then swept back into the box and popped away until the next time.

The beautiful stoneware candle holders are new additions to the Alice in Scandiland Shop. I couldn’t help but bring a few home as a Christmas gift to myself, I am so in love with this work by Viki Weiland. It comes from Northern Jutland, Denmark.

Delicious beeswax candles give off a subtle, warming scent of honey.

The table cloth and napkins are by Fine Little Day and from my shop, as are the mugs and the GeoAttic Garland.

Present time…

Both Nancy and Eula asked for Dinkum Dolls, from my shop and they were so thrilled to find them under the tree come Christmas morning. I also got them a doll sling each, as they love to carry their babies around like I carried them when they were little.

For many years now, on Christmas Day, my family have always met on the beach somewhere, late morning, where we have had a bonfire, shared a warm drink and festive snacks (sometimes bacon sarnies, cooked on the fire) and just enjoyed being outside. Then, we all decided this was actually our most favourite part of the day, so decided it should be more central. Last year we had our first Christmas Day roast lunch, on the beach. We cooked a leg of Lamb on the fire, on a little secluded cove and it was wonderful.

This year we took it up another level, taking our full sized BBQ with us, carried across Polkerris beach Palanquin style, ready to cook our meal upon.

This is what it’s all about for us, the children being outside, able to run free (and burn off all the excess chocolate money energy).
Obviously with bubbles for the grownups.

My Mum had marinated a buterflied leg of Lamb the day before, with garlic, Harissa paste, herbs, butter (and other things that I can’t remember!)

I roasted potatoes Christmas morning, which were heated up over the coals. My sister in law made a delicious nut roast, mum had also oven roasted peppers and onions, add a big dollop of Redcurrant jelly and a yogurt dip and it was absolutely fantastic.

My dad.

After several hours at the beach, where we were blessed with wonderful sunshine (after weeks of incessant, depressing rain and darkness), we headed to my parent’s house.

The Singing Ringing Tree, at my Parent’s house, is on it’s 7th year of being reused. It’s so hard to photograph and capture it’s beauty, if you could see it in person you could appreciate the lovely Lichen that covers many of the branches.

We enjoyed multiple puddings, sat around the table and gave out presents by the tree, then all collapsed on the sofas and watched The Snail and the Whale.

It’s the days after Christmas day that I like the most though, the inbetween days, where the pressure is off, the work is over and whatever goes. It’s been so lovely to just be at home, potter, spend some quiet, slow time with Nancy and Eula. It feels like a real novelty, as usually I’m too busy to just hang out these days – something to work on for the new year.

So there you are, a little bit of what Christmas looks like for us, how was it for you? I’m already partly back at work, as I have to clear out my storage unit by next week (which is full of vintage furniture) but there are still some slow days left for me.

As a new decade approaches (anyone else feeling a bit weird about that?!) it will soon be time to make new plans for what I hope will lie ahead in 2020. But for now I think I’ll eat a little bit more cheese and pour myself a glass of wine.

Happy end of the year to you all x