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How To Create A Scandinavian Inspired Girl’s Bedroom.

Nancy’s room was “done” a few years ago, it’s been done and redone several times to be honest, but the last time was supposed to be the “done for a good while” time.

If you want to pop back in time and take a look at the last transformation, you can here.

But things began to become undone due to a curse in our house, one that a lot of people suffer from, condensation. The pictures on the wall you can see below were hiding a dark and horrible secret, one that eventually became very apparent – black mould. The prints became damaged, as had the walls and I was so frustrated that yet again my decorating efforts had been ruined by something that was out of my control. We did what we could to improve the condensation issues, but it was always like fighting on the losing side.

But then I partnered by with Envirovent and our condensation woes were at an end. I wrote about the whole process recently and I urge you to take a read, it’s been such a positive change to our home and meant I could get on and redecorate with confidence that this time my efforts would last.

So, with those issues wonderfully resolved, in March last year I began the task of updating Nancy’s room, freshening what had become a tired and dirty feeling space. I can’t believe almost a whole year has gone by, this has been the longest, most dragged out revamp to date. At the time I completely underestimated how much I had on my plate, when I began I was beginning the process of launching the Alice in Scandiland Shop online, a herculean task that would take things to another level, far more quickly than I could have anticipated!

My inspiration began with a colour, Dulux Soft Stone, it got into my head, it kept popping up and influencing me on Instagram, it was bright, fresh, neutral, exactly the freshen up I wanted. My only hesitancy being that I wasn’t really the pink girl’s bedroom kind of Mum.

Next came some purchases from H&M, the Beech Pegrail became the main feature to the room in my designs…

Funds for this revamp were minimal and at this point the biggest issue was the floor. The carpet was awful, dirty, badly fitted and absolutely the wrong colour for where the room was heading. Looking ahead I want to replace the entire floor upstairs, so it’s one thing, maybe the same engineered oak as we have downstairs, but maybe some description of Ply wood. And so I decided to go with the cheapest option, pull up the carpet and paint the subfloor. This decision was actually made quite spur of the moment, I was in my pyjamas, heading upstairs to get dressed and go out, but somehow found myself in Nancy’s room, moving furniture, wounding myself on carpet grippers, revealing…a not so wonderful, glue edged horror show.

In the recess, where Nancy’s bed was someone had decided to be very very generous with the carpet glue. An absolute nightmare.
At this point I was thinking how maybe the carpet hadn’t been that bad after all!

Anyway, on I went, next up was paint. I had really liked the half painted walls Nancy had previously and so I decided to repeat this detail, but as I made my way around decided to take the line higher up the wall. To meet where the pegrails would be.

This project was done almost entirely in pyjamas.

Creating the straight line around the room isn’t as difficult/ time consuming as you might think. Using a spirit level as a ruler helps, here I’ve used yellow Frog Tape, which is for delicate surfaces – I had freshened up the white paint above previously, so needed a lower tack tape. It was also reassuring that this line would in fact, for at least half the room, be covered by the pegrail.

The next step was to seal what remaining glue there was on the floor. I had tried to remove as much as possible, but it was back breaking work. I decided to bodge it slightly (as the long term plan was to have new flooring throughout the upstairs). So I broke out the trusty, if somewhat lethal Zinsser.

I used the Zinsser on the glue, before painting with the floor paint.
I spoke to someone at the local Brewers Decorating Centre, explained my needs (awful chipboard surface, uneven, glue, generally very bad painting conditions) and they recommended this floor paint. I had to wait a few days for it to come in but it has really done the job well. But, be warned, it STINKS. Nancy didn’t sleep in her room for a few weeks whilst we decorated and we kept the room well ventilated.

What a transformation!

At this point I really got excited, the way the light reflected off the floor, the space felt twice as big and so fresh.

At some point along the way I realised that I hadn’t ordered enough of the H&M Pegrails and just my luck, after mentioning them on Instagram and quite a lot of you also buying them!! …they were sold out! In the end a kind friend in Barcelona ordered from the Spanish H&M site and sent them over to me. This may seem a little excessive, but when you find something that is just perfect and a key part of your design, you’ve just gotta do what you gotta do!

As you can see below I’ve painted the skirting the same colour as the walls. This is a trick I’ve also done in the living room, it helps to make the walls seem longer/ ceilings appear higher. It also helps to make small spaces seem less cluttered, too many colours/ details stop a space from feeling cohesive. It’s also a lot easier quicker than painting separately!

I always struggle at this stage of a room’s transformation, the amount of light and space there is when the room is empty – it’s glorious! Why can’t it just stay that way?!

Prettypegs sent me some of their lovely legs, to help create a desk area for Nancy. It had to be a bespoke piece and the space is so limited, made even harder by a giant night storage heater, which has been moved to several different locations, but is forever in the way.

Originally the desk would be here and I’d have an IKEA IVAR unit for extra storage, but as this snap illustrates, plans don’t always translate well into reality. I always imagine a space to be bigger than it is in this house.

I wanted to come up with a layout that would see Nancy, 8, through to her teen years. The setup in Eula’s room is very much limited to a younger child, I’m aware big changes will need to happen in there, again, within a few years. I wanted to avoid that in here.

Storage is key to future proofing a space. Our house, whilst not that big, has got a few surprisingly generous built in cupboards. A real lifesaver as having to fit freestanding furniture into small rooms really affects the overall look. But, it’s safe to say our storage hasn’t always been utilised in the most space effective way.

So, eventually we reached a point where the room functioned, Nancy was back in there and things got incredibly busy with the shop. Time ticked away, month by month and the room fell into that limbo land, not finished, descending into the chaos that comes from half finished jobs. It has been quite a weight on my mind to be honest, items kindly given to me, as part of collaborations with different businesses. Time frames didn’t work out and I felt I had been massively letting these people down.

I used the space to photograph some products for the shop, but the reality was either side of me, moving nice things from one photo to the next, to give the illusion of a complete space.
The beautiful Mosnox Ruka Bed, in situ, but lacking in the beautiful bedding and styling it deserves – the reality for far too long. More about this wonderful bed a little further down..

But, I am so thrilled to say, finally, nearly a year after I started this room it is finally completely finished!

I’m not sure if you can imagine what a weight off my mind being able to finally share in it’s full glory, nothing hidden, no camera tricks.

It’s ready…

There are so many elements that I love in this room, I’m going to try and go into detail as much as I can.

This amazing Beni Ourain rug, bought from So.Marrakech, with a press discount code, adds a cosy element under foot, an important detail as Nancy is a very snuggly, tactile girl.

The bedside drawers were a £3 charity shop find, an older style of the IKEA MOPPE drawers, which had already had some customisation done. The numbers weren’t really my thing, so they were removed and Prettypegs knobs were added. I left out the top 2 drawers, to leave room for book storage, then the whole thing was mounted on the wall. Such a simple and cheap thing, but just absolutely perfect for this space (or lack of I should say).

This IKEA Tarva chest of drawers fits perfectly here, holding the majority of Nancy’s clothes, as well as a drawer at the bottom for books. I love the plain wood, which links beautifully with her desk, bed and bedside unit. This helps to create a uniformity to the look, rather than being a room full of individual, unrelated pieces. Unfortunately I don’t think these drawers are available in this size anymore.

I couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out, the pale, neutral colours help the light to bounce all around, giving the illusion of a bigger space. Using leggy freestanding furniture means you see more of the floor, again helping to create the illusion of a larger floor plan, something I utilise throughout the house.

Curtains from Fine Little Day.
Bunny mirror – Ferm Living – found on Facebook Marketplace.

I used the Prettypegs Bill knobs to adapt an IKEA Moppe set of drawers, an idea I’ve borrowed from the lovely Ida @nordic_remake Simply turn the drawers around and screw on the handles, a simple, easy way to add an extra level of detail.

Nancy likes to fill these drawers up with all those annoying, random little things that children seem to be attracted to. Mini Clutter, but out of sight, out of mind, as long as I don’t have to see it I’ll learn to live with it.

These brilliant recyclable plastic crates, from This Modern Life, are great extra storage. You’ll find these dotted all over the house in various sizes. I absolutely love the beautiful colours.
This little house is a thimble shelf, bought for a few pounds on Ebay.

I found this vintage 1970’s Terence Conran “Maclamp” on Facebook Marketplace. It was collection only, a little too far for me to justify driving, so I asked if they’d be happy to post. It’s always worth asking, I’ve got some really lovely bits from listings that have said collection only. Try and pay with PayPal, add on the fees to insure you are covered. This lamp ended up costing me around £36 posted and is worth a fair bit more. I absolutely adore it.

“Rabbit with small hat” is one of my most favourite prints from my shop.

Finally having this cupboard better organised (having had a big clear out) is pretty life changing I can tell you. No longer are there any nasty surprises hidden at the back. And having organised a cupboard better downstairs the excess kitchen things that lived in here (those bits and bobs you use 4 times a year) no longer take up much needed space.

I continued the Dulux Soft Stone paint onto the insides of the cupboard doors, this helps to give a sense of continuation to the design detail, when open, which with children happens more than not.

I’ve used a mix of IKEA KNAGGLIG crates, with castors added and Squares storage baskets from my shop. The hanging book basket is useful for random bits and bobs. The fabric organiser on the right hand door was from H&M.

The majority of Nancy’s clothes are folded into the TARVA chest of drawers.

As you can see I’ve even taken the Soft Stone across the door, I love how this acts as camouflage, keeping the line running the whole way around the room, making the door less of a stand out feature.
Be Kind Banner – Happy Sunday Studio

I added these picture ledges to Nancy’s room years ago and they have proven to be one of the best, most used details. They were from B&Q, similar to the IKEA ones lots of people use, but I find these are more solid. I’ve simply painted them with the emulsion I used on the walls, doors and skirting.

The beautiful rainbow sheet was gifted from Swedish Linens. I think bed sheets are a greatly overlooked design detail in a bedroom, especially children’s rooms. Let’s be honest, how often are our children’s beds actually made? Rarely. But when the sheet is something a little bit extra, it doesn’t matter as much, you get a flash of something lovely and it becomes an intentional design element.

A vintage sewing box to house these wonderful Jane Foster embroidery popouts.

This beautiful quilted blanket is made from Merchant & Mills Dauphine Jacquared Cotton and an adapted Little Beacon 100% Linen Throw, bought with a press discount.

I had intended to make it myself, but in the end I had a friend’s mum do it, she’s a very skilled seamstress and has made bits for the shop in the past. I’m so glad I outsourced this particular project, otherwise it probably still wouldn’t have happened.

I gifted it to Nancy when she was off school poorly and it was very well received, she sleeps with it spread on top of her duvet every night and it has really helped her stop getting cold in the early hours, something that was a bit of an issue before.

Solar System Mobile – Alice in Scandiland Shop

Obviously the most important element in a bedroom is the bed. This beautiful, custom made European Ply single Ruka bed was kindly gifted by Mosnox and is absolutely perfect for the space. They even customised their design when I asked, as I felt the space would feel more open and accessible if the bed did not have the full footboard. It means this corner flows better, one space rolling into the other. It’s so incredibly well made and I love that Mosnox are a small, independent business, based in Sheffield.

My love for Plywood is no secret, I love the simplicity of the bed’s design, it would suit so many different types of spaces. Make sure you check out the Bali Bunk also, if I had children sharing a room they would be perfect.

So there you have it, a bit of a long one, but I really didn’t want to skimp on the details. I hope you’ve found it an interesting read and love the end result. I really, really, really love it and most importantly Nancy adores it all.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and well done for making it this far!

Grow Slowly Banner – Alice in Scandiland, Knobs/ table legs – PrettyPegs (gifted), Paint – Dulux Soft Stone.
Fly to Tokyo Print, Book Basket, Solar System Mobile – Alice in Scandiland Shop, Ruka Bed – Mosnox (gifted)
Bruno Bear Pillowcase, Bowery Book Basket, Squares Basket – Alice in Scandiland Shop, Rainbow Sheet – Swedish Linens (gifted)
Beech Wood Hoop, Rabbit with Small Hat Print – Alice in Scandiland Shop, Rabbit Mirror – Ferm Living, MOPPE drawers – IKEA

A huge thank you to Mosnox, Prettypegs, So.Marrakech and Swedish Linens for the beautiful gifted items and discounts.