Moodboarding my Scandinavian Inspired Living Room Refresh.

I can’t help but change things about in our home, fiddle, seek out the better layout, if you’ve been around these parts a while you may have already worked that out. This said, it isn’t all just change for the sake of change (something I’ve definitely heard my husband mutter under his breath, the cheek!) It’s just that I’m not afraid to try something out, give it a go, like it for a while, but know it’s not a forever thing. What’s a bit of paint after all (those that have read about the living room before will know the undertone of sarcasm in that statement!)

The last time the living room was “done” was 2 years ago, a reaction to the previous “done”, which went a bit (a lot) wrong. You can catch up on all that here.

The dark phase.
The plan.
The results.

But the time has come again for a slight revamp, brought about by several things, some pieces of furniture I want to incorporate, others I want to take away and an overall need to reduce and simplify our home. The “stuff” has begun to accumulate, multiply and quite honestly, it’s stressing me out.

Beautifully styled shelves spend 99% of their life deconstructed, items borrowed to photograph elsewhere, a thick layer of dust, discarded toys…need I go on. As lovely as they look when some effort has gone in, my overriding opinion now is that I am over them! This said, I have a beautiful shelving unit from which I am thinking of using, but it is smaller than the String and as it is so beautiful, I would be happy with it being on the wall and entirely empty!! We’ll see…

Another glaring design issue for the space is the emptiness in the middle, the nothingness in the centre of the room. Obviously there’s a coffee table there, but I mean the air space above and around, to me it doesn’t feel cohesive and pulled together, the light fitting doesn’t work, as well as the majority of features being pushed to the edges of the room. I realise you may be thinking “But there’s nothing wrong with that room!” and really you’d be right, it’s nice enough, but it’s missing the spark for me. It’s a space you move through to get to somewhere else, the lines all pull you through.

I want a room that makes you want to hang around a while, to cuddle up and see out the darker months in a nest of calm tranquility.

The woodburner side fits with the vision I have, so not much will be changing here, thankfully!!

What I’ve got in mind is more a reduction and reorder of things I already have, I do love a bit of shopping my own home, building the bones of an idea then adding in a few special buys for good measure.

I’ll be working with Cover my Furniture, with brand new cushions and covers for our second hand IKEA sofa. This longed for change of colour to such a big detail of the room was a massive catalyst for this revamp. Lighter and even brighter can’t be a bad direction. Stay tuned for a discount code for you to take advantage of too.

Here’s an outline of my plan.

Lightshade – Hay Design, Wall Colour – Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue, shelf –, Mirror – Ferm Living, Bench – H&M, replacement sofa cover fabric sample Luxury Cotton Weave in Sesame – Cover My Furniture,
Blanket, cushions, print, lamp – Alice in Scandiland

When I create a moodboard for a project, done very simply with the app PicCollage, a savour for my very limited IT skills, it’s such an invaluable way of seeing my intentions in one place. It helps you visualise which of the ideas racing about in your mind actually sit well together and which should perhaps be stored away for another time.

I want calm, simplified, less cluttery and generally just a bit more me, that’s not too much to ask, right?

It’s only natural that several products from the Alice in Scandiland Shop feature, after all, my business model is to only sell items I would want in my own home. All the soft furnishings are from the store, as is the White Flowers print, which I adore.

There’s a mix of old and new in my ideas, of course, a few of the vintage pieces I am yet to source, so I’m typically up late, scouring Ebay, Etsy and Facebook Marketplace.

I can’t wait to share more with you, including all the product details, once I’ve set everything in stone. As this isn’t a DIY heavy project, I’m hoping I’ll be done in a few short weeks.

Thanks for stopping by, I really am a very infrequent blogger these days, aren’t I! In truth, I tend to over think things these days, I doubt if what I have to say is good enough for here and get too caught up in perfection. It’s silly really, but here you are.

Take care x

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  1. whenigrowup says:

    I LOVE your style and really enjoyed reading this blog post. I too am pulling together ideas for a living room update. F&B’s Oval Room Blue also features in my scheme, adn I love the natural materials and restful neutrals you have chosen. Will check out the PicCollage app you mentioned. I generally use Pinterest but it is very distracting and often turns into a shopping/ wish list rather than a mood board!

    1. Thank you x

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