Boat House Escape with Pengelly Retreat, Cornwall.

I’ve just arrived home after a little weekend escape and would love to share this beautiful place with you…

Earlier in the year Pengelly Retreat got in contact and asked if Stu and I would like to run away down west and enjoy a few nights in their Boat House. Naturally our answer was hell yes! I love little local holidays, a pause on real life, without a mammoth journey to face either end.

But, things were rather busy for us, then there was Covid and so, we decided to make it something to look forward to, later in the year.

Finally October was approaching and with things still so serious with Pandemic life, the girls needed to tag along too. Pengelly Retreat said this was fine, but, as they’re more geared up for couples, they asked that we brought our own blowup beds. I just want to add at this point that Pengelly Retreat’s target audience are couples and individuals and the original intention of our stay was for Stu and I to have some time to ourselves. Nancy and Eula were so excited to be having a mini holiday though, so we thought we’d just see how things went. Whilst Pengelly’s website says no children, it’s not that they aren’t welcome, but more that safety may be an issue for certain ages, as well as the facilities and space in the accommodation being less suited. But, it isn’t an out and out no, so if you’re interested, get in touch with Ruth, she’s lovely and more than happy to discuss options.

The forecast looked more than a little ominous, I’d tried not to look in the days leading up to our stay, what will be will be, but as we arrived the sun broke through and we were gifted with the most magical of evenings…

First impressions count for a lot and we were not disappointed. The Boat House is situated amidst Pengelly’s beautiful gardens, right on the lake. The accommodation has the most wonderful outlook, across the water, with greenery all around.

You get pretty much everything you could need inside, the kitchen/bathroom is basic, but there are other thoughtful touches to excite, such as your very own outdoor bath!

Bubbles on chill.

It wasn’t long before the girls declared it time to learn how to row a boat, Stu was more than happy to oblige. It looked so peaceful and beautiful out there on the water, I couldn’t resist getting in for a swim. There are steps off the deck, just outside the Boat House, so the lake is like your very own natural swimming pool. In I went, heart racing with the chill, but I acclimatised quickly and was rewarded with one of the most magnificent swims of my life.

There’s something absolutely exhilarating and magic about swimming in fresh water. Your heart is pumping, your body tingling and your mind is so alive. You see things from a whole different perspective.

It definitely helps knowing there’s a toasty hot bath being run and a glass of bubbles waiting just for you!

Well, almost just for you! Naturally this pair invaded my blissful moment, but their giggles of absolute delight at this surreal setup only added to the experience.

There’s a woodburner inside the Boat House, as well as fire pit out near the bath, but I thought this would be the perfect time to give our new Anevay Frontier Stove it’s first use. The Frontier Plus was kindly gifted to me, I’ve followed Anevay, a Cornish business, on Instagram for quite some time and we got chatting about how great this portable stove would be for our new garden deck.

It was so easy to assemble and absolutely perfect for this setting, but…we’d lost track of time and hadn’t given Tea any thought, so off we went to the shop, to buy a Picky Dinner (anyone else know what a picky dinner is? They’re quite possibly one of my favourite meals, just a little bit of anything and everything you fancy!)

Lighting the stove would have to wait..

Naturally Nancy and Eula brought their brilliant and much loved lights with them. The large Miffy light we bought Eula for her birthday last week, from This Modern Life. Suzanne, TML’s creator, surprised the girls with these 2 little mini lights on Friday and we’re all a bit obsessed with them! You can check them all out here.

I’m not 100% sure what Stu is doing in this snap, perhaps heading in to reprimand 2 giggling, tired drunk little girls for the 85th time!

The latter part of the evening was mostly spent trying to avoid the girls, who’s blowup beds were in the kitchen/ dining part of the house. Let’s just say it was quite a late one, they were both still awake at 12 and it was then I started to formulate a plan for them to go spend the 2nd night at my parent’s!

On Saturday the rain came. All of the rain, with a nice lot of wind with it. Stu and Nancy went surfing whilst Eula and I explored the gardens, until we were soaked through, then climbed into bed and watched a film, with the woodburner warming us nicely.

I wasn’t quite as prepared as I would have liked for this little trip away, work in the last week has been very full on. I should have planned a little better, downloading some films and things, prior to arrival. There is no phone signal in the Boat House, very little outside too and little to no WiFi inside either. Absolutely not an issue, in fact, a great way to switch off and go offline. But, with the weather as it was, a bit of forward thinking wouldn’t have hurt.

We did manage to download some bits and bobs, in between showers, hovering out the front of the house, I may or may not have watched all of Emily in Paris, the reviews are right, a terrible cliche fest, but also very easy to watch, requires zero brain power (aside from the WiFi issues!) and well, I make no excuses, a part of me enjoyed it! I used the few hours Stu was gone, dropping the girls at my parent’s and buying dinner, to lie flat out in bed, not thinking about work once. Wonderful!

I did however drag myself out of said bed, just before Stu got back, to light the Anevay stove, make a coffee and appreciate the break in the absolutely appalling weather.

We’re going to have a lot of fun with this woodburner in our own garden, I can tell, I’m in love with it already.

Stu and I stayed up late, chatting about the kinds of things 2 people who have been together for a forever talk about. It was so lovely not to have the constant interruptions that come part and parcel with children.

We also watched a lot of The Walking Dead.

This morning we awoke to beautiful sunshine. Many cups of tea were consumed, whilst thinking about how we could make a Boat House happen in our real lives!

We had another wander around the gardens, before packing up and facing up to the fact we had to return to reality.

I really loved these wood grain concrete pavers, found at the entrance to The Secret Garden – a slightly odd, random, charming and slippery garden/ wood, which is part of the land that makes up Pengelly Retreat.
The lovely little recycling/ rubbish point, at the beginning of the gardens.

The rain arrived again, just as we were leaving and so, back to life and the girls we went.

We’d like to thank Pengelly Retreat for inviting us along to enjoy they’re beautiful sanctuary. What a gift, to dial down the distractions for a little while and get to experience Boat House life.

You can see more from Pengelly Retreat via their Instagram and you’ll find lots of useful information about them on their website here.

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