End of School Year Gift Guide.

It’s been quite the school year and our Teachers, TAs, Nursery Staff and everyone who has been taking care of our children deserve a treat.

Yes, that absolutely includes the full time Homeschoolers, the parents/ support bubbles, everyone who has contributed to and been affected by such a tumultuous “normal life”.

I’m the daughter of 2 teachers and I still remember the excitement of the last day of term, taking in gifts for my teachers, but also the anticipation of what my parents would come home with at the end of the day.

My brothers and I benefited greatly from the generosity and kind thoughts of the other students, though, I dont feel it was entirely unearned. We too went into school extra early and passed the time whilst my parents did all the behind the scenes preparation needed before the other children would arrive to start the day. Then, when everyone else got to leave after the end of day bell, we would stay on, as did the majority of the school staff, to continue with all the work needed then, before it too was their home time.

I am incredibly aware of all the extra hard work that goes into our children’s education and this past year or so has further shone a light on what an invaluable service these people offer to us, not just academically.

I’ve put together an end of the school year gift edit, from the Alice in Scandiland Shop, to hopefully offer you some inspiration…

Cards, clockwise – Chamomile + Sorrel, Gemma Koomen Thank You, Quiet Morning, A Day at Home, Kinshipped Hello, Unity Solidarity Strength, £3.
Together Card

Handmade cards by the children are lovely, but let’s be honest, they don’t always happen without a little (a lot) of persuasion. If that’s the case, I’ve got a large selection of beautiful cards, but they themselves can be gifts – buy a few, bundle them up with some ribbon and you have the perfect little thoughtful present.

Rainbow Season Card
Sets of Archivist Letterpress Notecards £7 (pack of 5)
Kuksa Wooden Camping Cup £22
Mugs, clockwise – Clæ Curved White Mug £20.50 (in the sale), Pion Black £8, Laura Lane Cornish Mug £24, Studio Bræ Textured Conical Mug £26 in the sale.
Lake Mug – Green £10.

Now, let’s be real here, teachers get a lot of mugs and a mug can be a very personal preference thing, but, what’s a gift guide without a mug or 6?! A beautiful mug, perhaps paired up with a something good to drink, like a bag of handmade, Artisan Hot Chocolate, does however make for a very lovely gift, perfect for treating yourself to, for all your own hard work when it’s come to this past year!

Harth Original Hot Chocolate (heaven in a mug!) £8.
Whale Spoon, £4.
Walnut Wood Honey Dipper £6.50 – tie to the side of a jar of local honey…

Delicious treats are a wonderful way to say thank you. In the past Nancy and I have made a cake together for the staff at her school, however I’m not quite sure how that would work with the stricter rules in place just now.

Take a look at the delicious, handmade edibles I have at the shop, including award winning Harth chocolate, made in Somerset, visually wonderful but also incredibly tasty too.

Clockwise – Harth Smokey Chilli Chocolate £6.95 (in the sale), Fireside Chocolate Truffles £9.50, White Chocolate with Raspberry + Tea £3.25 (in the sale).
Harth Sea Salt Chocolate Truffles, from £9.50.
Hand Forged Raz|Maker Brass Coffee Scoop £32, (in the sale).
Flourish – A Snippet of Britain £12, a lovely bit of inspiration for a summer staycation…
Handmade Pure Beeswax Candles, useful, beautiful, long burning. From £3
The Botanical Candle Co Greenhouse Candle 120ml £10.95.
The Botanical Candle Company Darjeeling & Tea Rose scented candle 180ml £14.95.

I’m a huge advocate for trying to create little moments of calm and enjoyment, even when life is completely wild all around and a lovely, natural wax scented candle can be that detail which helps you to escape, even if it’s only momentarily.

The Botanical Candle Co Orange Blossom Reed Diffuser £20.
Clockwise – Fine Little Day Clover Napkins £6, Pion Ceramic Spoon £4, Berica Espresso Cup £3.25, Nord Plate £12.50.
Kinshipped Notebooks £10
Iris Hantverk Birch Sandwich Platter £8.50, this board has lots of uses, but is especially wonderful to use for a boiled egg + soldiers, the egg sits happily in the hole. Perfect for lazy summer holiday breakfasts.
Tea Tree + Spirulina Soap on a Rope £7.50 (sale), Jane Lake Handmade Ceramic Soap Dish from £13, Frankincense Guest Soap £1.95 (sale), Meraki Sensitive Facial Mask £5.95, Ridged Soap Dish £7.
Handmade, all natural Soap can be wonderful little gift, especially if you’re unsure what someone may actually like. If in doubt, go with something useful I say. It’s all in the sale right now too.
Holy Water Bath Soak Salts, perfect for unwinding. Starting from £10.50
Fhia Lanterns, starting from £12 (in the sale)

Brass Hair Pins £13.50, an everyday staple for me, I swim in the sea with one in, sleep with one in, if it’s not in my hair it’s in a pocket or pocked through the weave of a jumper.

Each Pin comes with a little how-to guide and a gift bag included. Choose from 3 designs.

I bang on about these fantastic Thermos Bottles a fair bit, but with good reason. They keep things super cool for hours on end, but also hot, hot! Perfect for someone to take some homemade soup into school for lunch, or for Summer adventures. From £17.
Handmade Starburst Trivets, from £13.50
Beautiful, hand turned Wooden Trees, by Forge Creative, £17.

Don’t forget to wrap it up! Use ribbon or string and a beautiful sheet of paper, miss out the tape and the paper can be used again (and again and again)…

Monograph Kraft Gift Wrap £5 for 2 rolls (in the sale)
Gift Wrap, clockwise, Kinshipped Grid, Hazelnut Dot, Fills Light – £2.20 per sheet, more styles available online/ in store.

So there you have it, I hope you feel inspired, I’ve tried to cater for all budgets, but also, as an idea, why not team up with a few parent friends, club together and create your own gift box between you?

Whilst I’m at it, I’ve just launched my Summer Sale, that’s handy, isn’t it! Free shipping over £50, happy browsing x

My final words today will be of thanks, to all the teachers, assistants, to everyone who has carried on through this last year, in such difficult circumstances, adapted and pivoted to bring the best experience they could for my children and all the other children around the country.

Thank you so much x

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