Yurt Mini Break, Botelet.

I took the girls on a very mini mini break yesterday, to visit our family at beautiful Botelet, to ride ponies with their cousins, sleep in a yurt, enjoy some peace and quiet and just generally escape.

I took some photos and wanted to share with you, as it’s been so long since I felt like writing here.

I’ll let the images do most of the talking, imagine a soundtrack of the breeze in the trees, birds calling, the wood burner crackling, hens clucking, Botelet is one of my most favourite places in the world.

This photo of me was taken possibly 20 years ago, in almost the exact same spot.

A favourite little charity shop find, a little vintage leather playing cards holder + a set of tree identification playing cards, these comes everywhere with me in my bag.
Fetching water for tea making.

I kept the possibility of a Pony ride a secret from the girls, as their level of excitement would have driven me insane in the lead up! They’re rather Pony mad, I was the same at their age and was very lucky to have two during my childhood, Seth and Bracken.

Nancy and Eula are a bit miffed that they can’t follow in my footsteps, so any horsey action they can get thanks to their cousins is a great huge bonus.

Whilst the girls lived out their wildest dreams post ride, brushing Bertie and Finn down, learning a spot of briading and generally fussing over the ponies I managed some moments of complete peace, even reading a few pages of Lunch Lady, a very lovely magazine I’ve been sent to sample for the shop.

The magic of Botelet is it’s rustic charm, the beauty found in it’s history, in the bones of the farm, the textures and colours and small little details.

Stu and I had our wedding reception here, 11 years ago next week. We decorated Exeter Shed, turning into a place fit for over 100 to dine.

I have a real thing for interesting surface textures, I love to see the way things have aged, the story they tell. I like to think this is a little gift I have, to see beauty in places others may disregard as broken or ugly.

Botelet is medicine for the soul, I find it’s calm, quiet presence very good for my mind, it’s a very inspiring place.

We went with the girl’s choice of “Picky Dinner” for the evening, simple, delicious, one of our favourites.

I’m conscious that my photos can’t truly do this place justice, for example, as you go into the loo the light and radio automatically come on. A simple but very pleasing detail. What at first glance may look a bit run down is in fact a conscious embrace of the aging of the surroundings, the walls left wearing their worn out paint with pride, the reclaimed stone sink fitting perfectly, the wooden loo seat warm on your bum (a very important detail to note when camping!)

Toasting marshmallows for breakfast this morning, not your usual start to a Monday!

It rained during the night and the morning looked so fresh and lush.

Visiting their cousin’s little shop in the old Telephone Box. We bought some Rowan Jelly to being home with us.
The main house, it’s split into 2 these days and is where my Great Aunt and cousins live.
One last swing, before it’s time to head off to school (a little late mind!)

I wish it could have lasted longer and perhaps have consisted of a whole afternoon to myself, reading that magazine on the bed in the yurt in peace, but we enjoyed this magical little escape so much.

I hope you enjoyed coming along on this little mini break too?

You can check out lots more about Botelet here, perhaps you’ll fancy a stay for yourself.

*this post is not an advert, whilst we didn’t pay for our stay, there was no obligation to post about it, I just couldn’t help sharing with you.

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  1. Nicola Bridgwater says:

    It all looks wonderfully inviting, and this is from someone who refuses to camp anymore 😊

    1. Hahaha, I’ve come to realise a hard floor, actual bed and a wood burner makes ALL the difference!

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